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  1. Monster Truck track for my boys this Easter

    My kid's ( and I ) love Monster Jam! i wanted to make them an easter present and decided it will be a Monster Jam monster truck arena track. The base is made of 3/4 baltic birch and I used silicone caulikng, polyurethane spray foam and lots of glue to create a textured dirt like surface...
  2. Finishing
    I have a 735, its a great machine. i try to clip any knots off the ends of the strips i plane, because i plane a lot of little guys. well, i missed one today and it exploded inside the there. it happens. by a fluke, a big chunk of the knot managed to wedge itself in between the metal housing...
  3. Blogs
    Dewalt Planer jammed Hoping someone here can help! My DeWalt 735 Planer kept tripping my breaker and not turning on. I opened it up to be sure it's not jammed and found that the blades are stuck. I cannot turn them to change them but I also don't see anything jamming them. Any ideas? I...
1-3 of 3 Results