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  1. Spoon Carving

    This spoon is carved using Jacaranda and finished in poly. I entered it in a local carving contest, It was fun to carve but very hard wood to carve. Thanks Evie for the the beautiful wood.
  2. Fun little do-dads to carve

    The fire knot is carved from a fallen limb from a friends jacaranda tree. The hook looking thing is carved from iron wood. Heart is also carved in Ironwood. Finished in poly. Thanks for viewing.
  3. Hall Table

    Hi everyone and a very Happy Christmas to all. Here is my finished hall table, I did a blog which is here; if anyone is interested. The table is made from reclaimed Jarrah and Jacaranda and is a Christmas present for my daughter. It is my own...
  4. 4 x Jacaranda Bookcases

    In mid August a lady named Deb approached our club via our Facebook page wishing to have some bookcases made. See below letter. A few years back I had a jacaranda felled and then had it milled and planed. It is well seasoned and I would love to have corner bookcases made from it for my hall but...
  5. Save the SEALS

    Save the SEALS Platter The idea for this came from the seeds of the Queen palm which I thought looked like the head of a seal. Look at the area around the seal heads. I have high lighted in pencil what I perceived to be an image of a seal in the wood grain, this could possibly be the spirit of...
  6. Oil paints anyone?

    A couple of weeks back while at the local wood carvers meeting, A friend ask if I could possibly carve her a spoon…..{this is the funny part}.... before I get famous. Well I did get a bit of a laugh out of it. So one of the only things I know about her is she likes to oil paint, and wow is she...
  7. 40 Year Calendar & Utility Box

    This is a utility box with 40 year calendar. The wood is from a Jacaranda tree, turns nicely & sands well. The finish is 6 coats of wipe on ploy.
  8. Inlay Chess Board

    Hi Everybody, this is my first post on LJ. I`ve made the chessboard a while ago with the plan, at the time, to just frame it with a nice wood and use it as a regular board to teach my children the game. I then later decided to add some legs so you can sit at the couch when playing, that's when...
  9. Blogs
    HUGE Eucalyptus score Sheesh. Good thing I have a truck now. I saw a note on craigslist today (online classifieds) that a guy had put "10 to 15 more" eucalyptus logs out in the alleyway behind his house. LA is all blocks split in half by access alleys big enough to drive 2 cars through...
  10. Blogs
    Jacaranda natural edge end grain goblet Two weeks ago, on a whim, I got home after work, sliced off a piece of smaller branch from my large pile of smaller Jacaranda branches (~2.5"-3" dia.), and turned a bark-rimmed goblet. Sorry for the gratuitous lighting :) Let's fly into it…...
  11. Finishing
    Hello LumberJocks! I am a complete novice and could use some guidance from the pros. I have acquired a huge salvaged butcher block style workbench top (54×64) and I am hoping to use it as a dining room table. I would like to maintain the patina to an extent but would not mind losing/lightening...
1-12 of 12 Results