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  1. cherry cabinet with a rustic twist

    curly cherry natural edge cabinet with natural twig legs. door panel is bookmatched spalted maple and pull is black walnut.
  2. cherry and curly ambrosia maple dining table

    Cherry split apron base with curly maple accents. curly ambrosia maple top with natural edge. 6' x 34" x 29.5".
  3. curly maple nightstands

    pair of curly maple nightstands ready for shipping. shellac finish. I must say I am not crazy about this color but it was the choice of the client. walnut accents. photos added : door prior to glueup, pull on drawer, interior framing, and top rail joinery .
  4. cherry wave

    I had a small cherry log sawn because the trunk was curvy. to create the table top i used two consecutive pieces and joined them with butterflies . Base is walnut and cherry.
  5. walnut cabinet

    walnut cabinet similar to the Stickley "Gus Bookcase" 48" wide x 18" deep x 60" tall.
  6. split apron table in walnut with maple top.

    walnut base with split apron. curly maple top and accents . 32×72. Legs are tapered. Mortise and tenon joinery, odies oil finish.
  7. cherry and maple cabinet

    sequence pieces of flitch sawn cherry . resawn maple panels. finish is wiping varnish. second piece is opposite orientation material from same tree. resawn and bookmatched spalted maple panel on single door.
  8. walnut wine cabinet

    walnut wine cabinet with ambrosia maple panels. natural edged top.
  9. prototype bar stool

    poplar prototype of new bar stool. legs and back are ebonized poplar.
  10. 6' walnut table

    bookmatched walnut top approx 6' . slab legs taper in thickness from 2" to 1 3/8" varnish finish
  11. walnut and white oak dining table

    bookmatched walnut top approx 6' . white oak legs cut from salvaged barn beam .
  12. georgia table

    bookmatched walnut top with ambrosia maple panel inlayed in center. 66×35 x 29
  13. balance

    walnut slab coffee table on single upright. this piece will debut at the PA guild of craftsmen show Nov 12, 13 in Lancaster, PA . if it comes back home I will likely place it in a gallery .
  14. shop stool

    I needed a new stool for the shop and I had a client who requested I make her a set of stools with a low back. So I made this prototype stool out of some scrap qs sycamore and walnut. It still needs some tweeking but I am pretty happy with the results. I haven't gotten the go ahead on the...
  15. walnut foyer table

    the top of this table is a naturally curved walnut slab. the aprons are laminated curves. 24 wide x 60 long x 32 tall. thanks for looking
  16. Designing Woodworking Projects
    I'm about to start making kitchen doors. Since I have the router bits. In my country is not possible to get the Arch Door Templates, so I design them, but I find no logic in the difference in form between the panel and the rail template. My design is as follows…its ok? Could someone...
  17. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Looking at this diagram (deswirl devices) I cannot figure out how to make one of these and where and how it works with the thien's dust collector. The bottom sketch doesn't seem to clarify the top sketch at all to me. If someone has done this project I sure would like to see it in detail so I...
1-20 of 20 Results