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  1. gerehchini

    a window with gerehchini and fretwork border
  2. gerehchini window made of teak

    recent work made from teak for an Islamic place
  3. arched traditional door

    sycamore wood stained glass
  4. traditional door

    made traditionally from sycamore, there is no forest in Yazd, Iran because it's hot and dry. the only domestic wood that is used for making doors, windows, etc is sycamore and sometimes walnut.
  5. Blogs
    Gerehchini Gerehchini is a kind of art in Iran that is made from wooden sticks joined together with mortise and tenon joints and sometimes filled with stained glass. it decorates doors and windows in homes and mosques. one of masters of this art is Mr. Abouei in Yazd, Iran. here is the link...
  6. Blogs
    gerehchini gerehchini or girihchini or as we call it in persian گره چینی is a way of decorating doors and windows in ancient houses and religious places in Iran. Yazd, Isfahan and some ancient cities of Iran are famous for this art. gereh or girih is a proportional geometric pattern that is...
1-6 of 6 Results