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  1. Tea Box with "Legs"

    So a couple of weeks ago, almost three, Ellen35 asked if we could look at one more tea box. The one she made was constructed of rosewood. You can look at it here. Her box inspired me to make this one. I liked the legs to give it a lift off of the counter. Mine is also made with rosewood, but...
  2. Stylus from ironwood

    A stylus made from ironwood.
  3. Small Lidded Bowl

    Small round bottom bowl made from ironwood. Base and finial from mesquite burl (piece left over from the small burl bowl). Bowl is about 4" by 4". Finished with several applications of wipe on poly. Original design was to make a calabash type bowl with a small lip but too thin of material and a...
  4. Wood Lathe Carbide Turning Tool

    I wanted to make a nice Carbide Insert Wood Turning Tool from exotic wood and Stainless Steel. This was a larger task than I originally thought as drilling and tapping 304 SS was not easy. Parts list.. There are not a lot of parts needed to make a nice Wood Lathe Tool 1. Description: Nut, Type...
  5. Menorah

    A Menorah for next Hanukkah. A gift for my sister. Made of Brazilian Ironwood with African Padauk. Holly and Ebony inlay. The best thing about this project is I already had all the wood hanging around in my woodshop.
  6. Ironwood Goblet

    I had this piece of Ironwood that was laying around the shop and thought I needed a little lathe time today. So, after all the trees were trimmed this morning, I slipped into the barn to relax a while. This wood had a funny shape to the branches- like a lot of flats all around it instead of...
  7. Wooden Raku

    This is my version of a raku vase that I saw at a friends house this winter in Tucson. Inspiration from the west Turned, Textured, painted black, Mica powder added finished with lacquer flat on the textured bottom and gloss on the top
  8. Curly maple chairs

    I made a set of curly maple bar stools for a client and had some left over parts so I put together a smaller regular height chair with them. The seat is done using a CNC but the rest is done using traditional woodworking techniques. The sides of the seat were cut out of the surface material...
  9. Building an Ironwood outdoor coffee table.

    This outdoor coffee table is made from Ipe or ironwood. A client took me to his favorite restaurant and asked me to build the same table but for the outdoors. I used Ironwood and a spar yacht varnish hopefully it will last
  10. Fun little do-dads to carve

    The fire knot is carved from a fallen limb from a friends jacaranda tree. The hook looking thing is carved from iron wood. Heart is also carved in Ironwood. Finished in poly. Thanks for viewing.
  11. Ironwood Goblets

    Well my basement shop is all cleaned for the winter and I got bored with nothing to do so I took these last 2 pieces of an ironwood branch out to the barn and made some goblets out of them. I found that I am terrible at making beads!! One is 5" tall and the other is 5 5/8" tall. I left the...
  12. Arts & Crafts Coffered Ceiling & Trim

    Coffered Great Room Ceiling using 5/4 red oak finish milled on-site in my shop. Hides four sprinkler heads which were carefully positioned during original construction so coffering would be in the right place. Ceiling was finished with 5/8" drywall and then the millwork was added. Some...
  13. Bullet Pens anyone?

    They are from left to right: African Blackwood, Mule Deer Antler, Buckeye Burl, Mule Deer Antler, Desert Ironwood in a 300 Mag, the last is either Pal Dao or Australian Tea Tree crosscut. Wish I could add closeups but limits on pics prevent that. I also have one made of Olivewood, Honduran...
  14. Desert Ironwood Bangle with Crushed Turquoise inlay

    Just finished my first bangle. I got this idea from the Bangle Guy of course. He has an excellent tutorial of how to do this from start to finish. The wood is Desert Ironwood from Arizona. This stuff grows all over the place out there. The core is stainless steel and the inlay in crushed...
  15. Ironwood and poplar pen

    Ironwood and poplar pen.
  16. Ornament of spalted maple with ironwood finials

    Ornament of spalted maple with ironwood finials. In the end I wish I'd made the bottom finial longer and more delicate.
  17. Southwestern Segmented Cigars

    I promised a bigger project than pens for my next post… Then I tore my Achilles Tendon playing Rugby. Now, two weeks after surgery I can't lift or balance much heavier than a pen. So… I present my Southwestern Cigars: First is Manzanita Burl and Cocobolo capped with Turquoise Tru-Stone and...
  18. Studley, Stickers and a Sketcher

    My buddy EarlS has been a most generous fellow to me (and other LJs I know) over the years. I have had to refrain from mentioning to him that I like something he made because he has a terrible habit of making another and shipping it to me in short order ;-) So last year, we were both doing a...
  19. Some Christmas Turning

    Just some quick turnings I did for Christmas gifts this year. First two pics are some penlights. Left to right are Purpleheart, Ironwood, Pinecones cast in resin from KelleyCrafts and cast Pinecone/**************************************** Next is a simple Purpleheart pen. Fourth picture is a couple of quick ring holders...
  20. A Few More Pendants

    I had some time to kill and a few pieces of different woods so I made some more pendents for the park craft sale. They are 3/8"x 1 1/4" x 2 5/8" and sanded to shape with an .099" hole across the top for the cord. The first two are osage orange, then three ironwood ones, theree mesquite ones...
1-20 of 66 Results