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  1. Bookshelf with handy side cupboard in iroko laminated with other exciting timbers

    A number of people have told me that although my boxes are nice, they aren't actually much use (thanks for that), so I've made this. It's a small bookshelf suitable for a bedroom or study (I would say). The thing seems to have been around and rather in the way for aeons; this job has been...
  2. Jewellery box in oak, walnut and elm

    A simple jewellery box with a little spring catch. Two types of oak dovetailed up and sat on a walnut plinth. It's a panel lid using some book-matched elm I had. I've bodged up a little lift-out tray in iroko. Despite some trials, this seems to have worked ok. This is going to be a Christmas...
  3. Iroko Industrial Table

    This is my Iroko wood industrial table. I give you the link of the video, so you can see how its manufacture. Thank you and enjoy. VIDEO YOUTUBE Visit my channel:Making HUERTAS Stuff
  4. Outdoor Bench Swing

    Outdoor Bench Swing Well it's been a while to post a project but I did got busy again with a couple of not so small ones for a friend of mine. An Outdoor Bench Swing made out of Meranti wood except the two arm rest (run out of stock) which where made from iroko wood. Finished with outdoor...
  5. Garden table and bench in Iroko

    The brief was a for a Very large garden Table and Bench that would seat up to 16 people comfortably. You can see the 1:10 scale model on the table. The clients have told me that they had 22 people round it last weekend. First major paying project for me. Hope you like. All Designs are copyrighted.
  6. Garden Bench for my Brother

    A Garden Bench for my Brothers Birthday. Constructed using Iroko. The plan was to have a large deep seat that would invite late nights in the garden curled up with his wife watching the night sky. I'm an old Romantic at heart. I have never found a bench that invited me in to it, they all seemed...

    I LOVE MY DOGS >>> I LOVE MY CATS >>> I LOVE MY HORSES >>> I LOVE MY GOATS >>> I LOVE YOU>>> In Iroko and White Oak Fun Scroll saw plaques by BAZZA.
  8. Chevalet - rescued from the fire wood pile

    I have finally finished my chevalet! I used "Shipwright's" aka Paul Miller's excellent Sketch Up design with some tweaking to fit my available raw materials which were essentially pieces of an old oak doorframe that had been destined for the fire, supplemented by various off cuts I found. I...
  9. 10" Iroko Bowl and Fruit

    I will be posting a YouTube video in the near future of how to make fruit, so head over to for that and other videos. A really good gift idea! Turn some pieces of fruit (figured wood if you have any) to go into your bowls. Here I have some spalted beech, mahogany and...
  10. Outdoor patio table Iroko (African Teak)

    It all began when, during the winter, two years ago, i slightly smashed our patio table with a shovel while removing the snow. so it happened, Yes plastic is long lasting, but don't even look at it while its -30celcius (Canada) outside, it might just crack. I told my girlfriend, to wait that...
  11. CATS "IROKO"


  13. Gio Ponti inspired side table

    This is my take on a Gio Ponti mid century side table. It's Iroko with shellac over danish oil.
  14. IROKO SAIL No2.

    Ok here is my second go at the sail boat but this time made out of 33mm thick GOLDEN IROKO. Managed to get a bit more definition with this one,stands around 9" high and finnished with Danish oil & beeswax. The angle are quite tricky getting both concave and convex curves right in the sails...
  15. First Commission

    This is my first commission, its for a vey important client and accomplished carpenter, my Mother! Who'll no doubt see this on here. (Hi Mum!) Its an embroidery stand, or a pair of stands. they are designed to support an embroidery frame whilst its being worked on or display a finished...
  16. A trio of bud vases

    These are my first attempts at 'hollow' vessels. By hollow, I mean that they're simply drilled out with a spindle gouge (which isn't very long, so they're not all that tall). Black walnut, sapele and iroko :) The walnut one has some pretty big cracks in it, unfortunately.
  17. Bud Vase

    A bud vase made from iroko and walnut and a glass rod , the water container is a test tube. It's about 5" high.
  18. Iroko ring with Amethyst inlay

    Hi LJ's! I want to share with you my recently finished last project, a solid Iroko ring with 3 inlayed Amathysts. I hope you enjoy it. Don't forget to check the walkthrough video of the project: Thanks for de comments in advance. Regards.
  19. Luytens Bench

    This was a Christmas gift for my wife in 2008. Made of Iroko, the design is by Edward Luytens, a famous British architect known for his country homes and gardens. This project won fourth place in the LumberJocks Summer 2009 woodworking competition.
  20. Z E B R A N O - S A F A R I

    ZEBRANO - SAFARI ::::: Made from African Zebrano Zebra Wood and Golden Iroko by Bazza. Stands at 10 inch high and 4 inch deep. Skimmed the edges on a palm router and sanded down to 0000 grade steel wool and blessed with a dash of Danish oil. Loosely based on Steve Goods methods but pumped up on...
1-20 of 43 Results