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  1. iGrain iPhone 4 Cases with Custom Logo

    I recently picked up these great iGrain cases from Engrained for my and my wife's iPhone 4's. I had them put the workshop logo on the back. The wife's case is walnut with an oil and poly finish. Mine was a special piece of spalted oak, of all things. The second pic shows the inside and how...
  2. Iphone (or Ipod) Victrola Amplifier

    A local art gallery in Seaside wanted an iphone amplifier that would convert the sound from the lower speakers into louder sound to play in the gallery. I found an old Victrola Edison horn, and took the attached pieces apart carefully. Then I assembled an red oak box, and routed out a hole the...
  3. Cell phone sound "amplifier" for Samsung S5 and Iphone

    I made this for my wife's samsung s5, I've made one of these for an iPhone which had the speakers out of the bottom where the S5's came out of the back. I made the iphone sound amplifier for a coworker and he said it worked rather well.
  4. iPhone acoustic passive speaker

    Created six of these iPhone acoustic passive speakers, Purpleheart, Walnut, Cherry, White Oak, maple and Hickory. Design was done in CAD software (Fusion360) and the layout was cut on my router CNC using Fusion360 cam. Glued up and sanded to 320 and four hand rubbed Poly coats with a final wax.
  5. Spalted Texas Pecan iPhone Lumberz Dock

    This is a Spalted Texas Pecan iPhone Charging Dock idea I had. I used a 2" thick blank for the Texas cut-out. This one here works well for the 3Gs and the 4s, also the iPhone 5 but with the smaller charger head I will carve a smaller inlet.
  6. iPhone passive amp

    Passive Iphone amp made w/ sapele. Had to use the phone to take the picture so no picture w/ phone in place. Seems to work pretty good, it will come in handy in the shop.
  7. iPhone Acoustic Speaker

    I saw this in a Rockler magazine as a kit and thought, "hey, I could make that." So I did. I made a few jigs to make them fast as gifts for friends. I plan on modifying the design a bit for whatever scrap I have laying around. This one was just the 1st model. Thanks for looking!
  8. IPhone to DashCam Conversion

    I've tried a couple different Dashboard Cameras, but always with disappointment. That's because the screens were so small, and the buttons small and difficult to access. Nothing I tried so far was user-friendly. I have an older generation iPhone and realized there were must be apps to turn...
  9. iPhone Wood Wire Free Speakers

    Fun little CNC project with a laser engraving twist. Behind the wood panel there are pathways cut to domed cavities. The sound just travels through these pathways and the dome shape directs the sound towards the listener. I've seen quite a few of these, but thought it would be neat to...
  10. wall-mounted iPhone charger

    iPhone charging cables are frustratingly short, so I made an iPhone charger / holder to go on the wall. I used a small block of persimmon cut from a large slab I had on hand for the "holder" and a piece of walnut for the mounting plate. I used a mounting plate so I wouldn't have visible...
  11. iPhone made into a clock radio!

    Why not make your iPhone into a classic "flip-number" clock of the 70s, and charge it at the same time?! Here's my story on why - and how - i did it, and how YOU can do it too! It's quite awesome, if I do say so myself! Want the plans? Get them in my Etsy shop, here:
  12. Charging Station

    Made with the intention of trying to keep a small footprint, and charge my 8-10 devices at once if needed. Finished project is ~ 11"x10"x8" (W x D x H) Made of 1/4" poplar except the back is 1/2 to accomodate the screws to secure the power strips Will be adding elastic straps underneath to...
  13. iPhone Amp

    This is an acoustic amplifier made from oak scraps I had laying aroun the shop. Literally just a quick routing job, glue it up and and make a few cuts for asthetics and its good to go!
  14. Firewood Salvage - Iphone Dock

    Dock for Iphone 5. I made this to allow for my phone to be docked with the case. Not very many docks allow for this. Works very well. Charging cable is held tightly in place by friction, that's it. Phone slides easily onto charger and off. No fidgiting with the cable. I have no idea what...
  15. iPhone 5S Dock

    To make this a short story, I was originally cutting a branch into thin slices for some coasters: simple. But when I stopped and looked at what I had left, this piece with one little stub attached, I thought this is the perfect piece for a cord to go through! I have seen a few iPhone docks...
  16. Maple and Mahogany iPhone case

    "Banda doppia" I think you'll find this Vermont Maple iPhone case quite to your liking! The edges have been smoothed out so the Maple case has a soft, silky feel in your hand. This case will superbly pamper your iPhone. The interesting grain pattern and captivating warmness will entice people...
  17. iPhone 5 Dock

    Let me start by saying that this is a blatant copy of Scott's project from a few months back. Since I upgraded to the iPhone 5 I've been looking for a decent dock for it, but just wasn't happy with anything I saw for sale. The solution came as I was browsing LJ's and saw Scott's great design...
  18. Mahogany and Maple iPhone Case

    The captivating warmness of the mahogany will entice people to reach out and feel it. The rounded edges will provide a soft and silky feel as it easily fits in your grasp. This is a single piece of mahogany that has been carefully hollowed and smoothed for a nice fit your your Apple iPhone. Hand...
  19. iphone Holder

    The iphone holder is made from scraps of exotic wood from my shop. To use up some small pieces of wood, I will laminate different wood types together when I am in the middle of a glue up or otherwise looking to distract myself with a random job. Of the four pieces that make up the iphone...

1-20 of 71 Results