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  1. New designs .. Tango .. Hunter .. and..

    1. Motif Tango 2. Motif Hunter 3. and motif Ramadan ul Mubarak.. the Arabic calligraphy, dedicated Festive month of my Muslim friends
  2. .. memory on Santorini

    art marquetry thank Mrs Eve Foussier me whose photographs "Greece stairs" inspired this work
  3. heraldic ornament

    heraldic ornament provided for the rear side, behind the perch family coach
  4. my mirror

    in the technique of marquetry, completed .. still remaining carpenter work ..

    love the game .. thank dear friend Dan Wiggins on the photograph you sent me, on the basis of which I did my marquetry work
  6. girl with the umbrella..

    marquetry picture made by exceptional photographer Metin Demiralay alias scarabuss Metin Demiralay
  7. fear..

    marquetry interpretations of old Master's drawings Pierre-Narcisse Guérin (Paris, 1774-Rome, 1833) Woman Holding a Child and Glimpsing the Shadow of Embracing Figures: Phaedra and Hippolytus original drawing on the link...
  8. Marquetry interpretation of old master drawings - SALVIATI Francesco - Allégorie féminine

    I finally completed the work started in 2010 years. I often ask myself, is it a coincidence that certain works are completed, a long time to simply be left unfinished. I have the impression that the then lack of proper veneer just an excuse - it seems that some papers have to "ripen." Marquetry...
  9. Owls

    Completed segment motives for exterior one cottager. Photo of the complete motif owe my friends with LJ. Soon following the finalization.
  10. ..memories from Tunisia 2

    Bismilahir-rahmanir-rahim! In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful Quran Surah 103. The Afternoon (Al-Asr) In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful [103:1] By the afternoon. [103:2] The human being is utterly lost. [103:3] Except those who believe and lead a...
  11. Arabian girl - The smile of Muscat

    Perhaps the greatest challenge in marquetry technique to do figure of a young person or child .. and I could not resist the challenge. I give it to my friends on LJ to evaluate the result. The work is composed of approximately 400 inlaid wood details .. veneers used are: several types of veneer...
  12. My new designs .. March / April 2014

    I am satisfied, announced motifs usually can be tiring .. but every one of them now was my pleasure to work .. Work on Islamic calligraphy was simply a sentimental return to the days spent in January and February in Oman, the Muscat International Festival of arts, cultural heritage and...
  13. she..

    marquetry picture made by exceptional photographer Metin Demiralay alias scarabuss
  14. Girl with the umbrella - version 3

    Marquetry motif made by exceptional photographer Metin Demiralay alias scarabuss. The motif (the latest version) is made of the best types of natural veneers: walnut root, elm burl veneer, poplar root, maple, olive. Girl with the umbrella - version 3 Girl with the umbrella - version 2 Girl...
  15. One of the first, my, beginners marquetry works .. (of this man I respect ..)

    I remember my first work was "Woody Woodpecker" .. Given my age, understandably. After that I worked on the motif of a flower .. and the third, I have dared to make a portrait of of this man. You will definitely know who it was. He was visited in 1978 in my beautiful country where I was born...
  16. memories of Santorini 2

    Again, the return of Santorini .. inspiration for this work but of beautiful memories of this magical island, was the great British photographers, photography by Steve Vidler
  17. Nostalgia or Where are you missing birds (marquetry work)

    In childhood, and of youth and street electric wire and our yard were full of birds .. swallows, sparrows, starlings, pigeons and more of them now almost nonexistent. The reason is, I think, to us .. ----------- My work is inspired by the brilliant picture of our architects and photographers...
  18. rose for..

    ..while still in the development of this higher motive, like a small break, I made this flower. However, the real challenge is again drawing the old master Florentine mannerism, Francesco Salviati's (1510 - 1563) "Allégorie feminine". Video only shows the truly complex phase in the development...
1-20 of 31 Results