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  1. Homemade Drill Press from a Handheld Drill!

    THIS PROJECT ALSO CONTAINS METAL. If I'm not supposed to post it here (a forum topic/blog?), please let me know, and I'll move it! I've come to the point where can't build more advanced woodworking projects, due to the lack of a drill press, and they're too expensive. After many hours of...
  2. Granddaughter's Hope chest

    Hope Chest I made this chest for my granddaughter Amber. It was one of my first project. I've been told that every project get better.
  3. Bathroom shelves with sliding dovetails

    I needed a set of shelves in my bathroom to hold my shaving equipment, so I decided to build a set out of western maple. This was my first attempt at sliding dovetails, which I mostly just wanted to use for the visual effect with the contrasting wood colors. I cut the joints with a 5/8"...
  4. five board bench

    standard five board bench made for a co-worker. Pocket hole joinery used throughout. Wood is the cheap pine from the box store. Painted a dark green.
  5. Fancy Cane #044: Afzelia, Brazilian Ebony & Padouk

    This cane is the end result of a documentation on how to make a fancy walking cane for an Instructables submission. It took a lot longer than I had expected as the process of creating a piece and taking photos and re-taking photos, as one misses or skips steps is mind boggling. The...
  6. DIY 6" Wooden Bench-Vise for $5

    I have a great little vise. I use it a ton (pun not intended)! The only problem with it is that it's tiny-It opens to a little more than 1.5" I wanted to buy a bigger vise (for my birthday), but the prices are INSANE! As a "maker", I don't think it makes sense to pay $100 to $500+ on a vise...
  7. Designing Woodworking Projects
    I have seen some conversions before but, NOT quite like this one! I thought Y'all would be interested in seeing this… Just got it in an email… I think it's really very COOL! This is a Bench convertible to a Picnic Table and back to a Bench super EASILY! Have fun!
  8. Joinery
    Just another way of doing it... if you choose to try it… Instructables - Hand Cut Dovetails with a Hacksaw. I thought it was interesting… I don't think I will ever do this… BUT, if all other methods are not available at the time, I might try it. :)
  9. Woodworking Skill Share
    I thought this was an interesting / Easy to Make Fireplace Insert... To plug the fireplace opening… during the non-winter months… I thought some of you would be interested in this… COOL, Simple Project!
  10. Woodcarving
    Three ways to Make a Wooden Chain Here are some possibly New Looks at how to make Wooden Chains… When a boy in the Boy Scouts & at camp, I took a small length (maybe 12") of a straight 3" dia. Pine tree branch… Carved a rectangle box at one end then carved a Ball In it… Then carved a chain...
  11. CNC Woodworking
    Howdy! I just got this in an Instructables email & thought some of you would be interested… It is about making a cheap $60 CNC machine... It is a little primitive… BUT, it's a step forward… :)
  12. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Howdy! I ran across from an Instructables email and thought Y'all would appreciate it. ... I also noticed that it automatically goes on to other videos that may be of interest. Hope you like it… I think this guy does some really GOOD work! OOPS... I found another one... that looks pretty...
  13. Woodworking Skill Share
    I could NOT help passing this on! It was included in a recent Instructables email... ... Now, have any of you seen this done before… Like this?! Enjoy!
  14. Hand Tools
    Another item in a recent Instructables email… How to Hand Sharpen a Twist Drill - Full post How to Hand Sharpen a Twist Drill - Video ... now get out there and just Do It! :)
  15. Woodworking Skill Share
    I got this from another Instructables Post... I think it's a HOT project! ... how about you? :) LOL
  16. Woodworking Skill Share
    I found this on an Instructables post... which I liked & thought you would too…
  17. Woodworking Skill Share
    This is from an Instructables post... and is just AWESOME... You start watching this ONE thing and you end up watching HOURS of his other posts! Here are other posts that will keep you busy... Very busy! ... and more that are just awesome! Stumpy, eat your heart out… :) LOL I hope you...
  18. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    I found this and thought it was VERY VERY Interesting… Maybe you would like it too… ?? ... so here it is… A real How To Solar Array... Enjoy… EDIT: I just noticed something New… It appears that one must Login to view ALL STEPS… No Biggy… It is FREE… Do it, you will like it…
  19. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    When I saw this, I thought Y'all would be interested too… An Instructable on Clamp Storage...
  20. Blogs
    Can I Add This to my Resume? Since I'm such a newbie and have already encountered lots of failures (I mean challenges), I don't mind tooting my own horn just this once: I was just selected as a Judge's Choice award for my Tool Tip on "How to Sharpen a Chisel" on the website Instructables. So...
1-20 of 21 Results