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  1. A Box Called "Necessessity"

    Did you catch the misspelling in the title? Just like how the extra "ess" in "Necessessity is extraneously unnecessary, everything about this box is excessively overkill. Look at how thick the teak frame members are. Unnecessary. Look at the dovetails at three corners of the frame...
  2. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Hi LumberJocks! Basically, the scale indicator on my table saw can't adjust enough. I line my fence up at 6", and make sure the indicator matches. It doesn't, so I go to adjust it and, it's maxed out. I was thinking I could just cut some of the side off to allow it to move more, but I'd really...
  3. Blogs
    ? A worthwhile little attachment for plunging to a center with a router freehand? The router is one of the most versatile tools. One of the things it does, maybe even better than a hand drill, is bore (plunge) holes. But accurately placing that hole can include a lot of setting up of fences...
1-3 of 3 Results