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  1. Deployed Sound System

    During one of my deployments I worked with an army loadmaster who had bought a really pricey Bose sound system for his iPod so that the crew could listen to some tunes while they were doing their preflights and postflights in the aircraft. But he had a busted ill fitting plastic container to...
  2. Street Pendant Sculpture

    Pendant Sculpture suspended over 44th rd. Recycled Hardwoods. Custom steel truss. Long Island City. October 2013. Jay Greene
  3. Blogs
    HUGE Eucalyptus score Sheesh. Good thing I have a truck now. I saw a note on craigslist today (online classifieds) that a guy had put "10 to 15 more" eucalyptus logs out in the alleyway behind his house. LA is all blocks split in half by access alleys big enough to drive 2 cars through...
1-3 of 3 Results