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  1. General Woodworking Discussions
    I'm seeking to purchase this table and hoping to identify the wood species before I do - we prefer white vs red oak and I'd like to avoid having to whitewash the red oak. Any tips or tricks to do so without damaging the piece - you break it you buy it... This is the only photo the seller has...
  2. A Well-Read Dog

    During our last visit to New York we tried to visit the Museum of Modern Art, but it was closed by the time we got there. Since the gift shop was open (of course), we took a walk around to see if there was anything interesting. My wife spotted a nice bookcase that she really liked, but I...
  3. Walnut and Maple Teabox

    There is a funny story behind this tea box. I was commissioned by one of my wife's cousins to make a tea box for his girlfriend for a valentines day gift. I was pretty excited as it was my first ever box and I've always looked for a reason to make one but never have had a good one. So the...
  4. Walnut table

    This is a solid walnut table that is 72" long and 36" wide and is 2" thick. Once it was fully glued up it was pretty difficult moving this thing around in a one man shop!! There are breadboard ends that are pinned with 1/2 inch walnut dowels. If you look closely you can see that I metered the...
  5. Bowl of 120 segments

    Hello friends. Today I have finished my new project. It is a large bowl that consists of 120 segments. For the segments I used pine and the insert was made from bog oak. The bowl size is 290mm from the top, from the bottom 160mm and the height 170mm. In the end, I covered it with oil. Who is...
  6. Pencil Post Bed

    This is made from curly maple with a linseed oil/polyurethane finish. I adapted from a few different patterns. Thanks to Jeff at Bailey Wood Products, and Myron at Irion Lumber. The quilt, shams, and skirt are from Quilts By Phyllis.
  7. Burr oak workbench

    Decided to upgrade my workbench this year. My previous bench has been a workhorse for the past five years, but over that time how I work and the projects I'm focusing on have changed. In response, I decided it would be easier and better to build a new bench instead of modifying the previous...
  8. Doll Cradle

    Just putting the finishing touches on this cradle for my niece. I made it out of red oak and the inlays in the head and footboard are maple strips milled from a tree that her father cut down in their yard earlier this year. Thought it would be a nice touch. I sanded to 220 and finished with 3...
  9. Grandson's Desk

    Grandson needed a nice desk for his computer and home work. We made it together. Solid Oak - Here it is.
  10. Padauk, Zebrawood and Walnut Jewelry Box

    Solid padauk and zebrawood top with sliding dovetails for the walnut breadboards. The sides are also solid padauk with sliding dovetails into what kind of amounts to a walnut stile (not sure what else to call it). Maple box joint drawers.
  11. Star frame table

    This project had it's challenges. The star base was all designed on sketch up before any cutting was done. The scalloped face was cut on the legacy mill with an 1 1/2" core box bit.
  12. reloading bench and hutch

    This is my new reloading bench and hutch. The bench is a 5' L extension of an existing workbench. The bench top is made from 11/2" thick plywood that I got from an army surplus store, they use them as pallet tops, they come 5'x5'x11/2" they're beat up around the edges so I cut them in half and...
  13. Wine Rack

    The client wanted a small wine rack as a gift and provided artist freedom. As you can see one block of Australian Red Cedar (gloat!). Tony Ward
  14. Shopsmith 10ER After

    Here she is after the refurb. Rust-oleum "Hammered" finish paint is awesome on old machinery. I cleaned all the small rusted parts in an Alka Seltzer bath. Soak over night and a brass brush the next day and clean as a whistle. Just gotta love old machines, they just keep going and going and…...
  15. Cutting Board and Knife

    I made this cutting board for my Aunt for Christmas. It is made from walnut, birdseye maple, and cherry. As I was waiting for the glueup to be dried, I had a crap piece of walnut laying next to me and needed something to do so I carved up the knife that I gave with the cutting board. The...
  16. Tool Chest

    Just a tool chest I made from wooden pallets. I made it to put all my tools in and lock so my dad cant lose em when im gone at boot camp.
  17. Coss

    Here is a Cross that I just completed. It took me just a tad over 2 Hours to complete. It was cut from Cherry Plywood. I used a FD#1 to Cut this. Hope Y'all like it. All comments welcome good or bad. Go ahead and hit me with your best shot lol. Oh and yeah, as late as it was I didn't...
  18. "Kaleidoscope" Juniper Carved Vessel

    "Kaleidoscope" Juniper carved vessel-This came from an alligator juniper log. I wanted to create a vase type vessel. I use a chain saw to do most of the carving then go to a series of grinders and sanders. It is quite a lengthy process but well worth it.The last picture gives you a reference to...
  19. Scroll Saw cut Sign

    As I managed to quit smoking last year, I decided that I should "reward" myself by buying a Scroll Saw. I'm a COMPLETE NEWBIE to Scroll Sawing, so I designed and made this little sign as a "practice piece". I'm quite pleased with how it came out. Keith.
  20. Jar Candle Liner and Accessories - Snowflakes

    This is a tray and charm set for those of you who use Yankee-type jar candles and want them to be a bit more decorative than the stock labels they come with. It is the first of a series of monthly designs I will be doing (some months will have multiple designs) and consists of a scroll sawn...
1-20 of 91 Results