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  1. lodge stlye rustic sideboard

    I built this sideboard with a matching hutch to go in an Idaho art gallery. The pine legs are from dead standing trees. I like these because the surfaces are covered with insect tracks and knots. The real nature of the forest shows up. I use Alder for the box and doors. It is also a local wood...
  2. Commissioned Idaho Cribbage board

    Hi, all. It's been a while since I posted and I wanted to show my latest small commission project, an Idaho cribbage board. It's about 18.5 inches tall and 1.75 inches thick. The holes are all laid out in CorelDraw and then printed and pasted to the walnut board for cutting and drilling, LOTS...
  3. Dressers

    Dressers for my son and daughter in laws bedroom.

    This clock's primary wood is Western White Pine, aka Idaho white pine, (it's the Idaho state tree. The clock face is English Walnut and the number pips are maple. It's for my daughter and her husband who live in Idaho and have a sailboat.
  5. Joe Vandal

    Joe Vandal is the mascot for the University of Idaho. Carved from a Chris Hammack rough out, he is 4 inches tall. Claude Idaho '66
  6. A wooden egg turned on a wood lathe

    I have always felt that not only people like to see the wood working projects that you have made, but they also like to be able to touch and feel them. When company comes over and I have something like this on the coffee table, they will pick it up and "play" with it. I think there is some...
  7. Walnut Galley Kitchen Cabinets , by LJ Cabinetry

    Walnut galley kitchen This walnut galley kitchen job was given to me by a wonderful woman who is one of those people that make's woodworking really worthwhile. We worked well together on a previous project. She was the final approval on a wall by wall interior woodwork designs I drew with for...
  8. Entertainment Center via Chippendale, by L J Cabinetry

    More South American Walnut, by L J Cabinet This is my moderately forced interpretation of a Chippendale Block Front Secretary build custom for a client. The preferred proportions were deviated from to get the thing into the 8' room ceiling height. I also had to widen it up a bit in scale to...
  9. 10' tall DBBL French Doors mating screens, flanked by awning windows, by L J Cabinet

    3" thick, clear all heart vertical grain redwood was used to build these 10" tall DBBL French doors with mating screen doors. These double double Frenchies, were flanked by crank out awning windows topped by a fixed pane. Awning windows were double sealed by both bulb & leaf weather-stripping...
  10. Woodturning
    Found this 10.5" x 4 " bowl under a trash can of shavings. It is Mahogany and A citrus species bought from mill of Chas. Chaves Jr. Of Tool, AZ. Oil sanded, French Polish and wax finish. The citrus cuts beautiful and is harder than I expected.
  11. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    Hi, all - Well, it's official. In another couple of months, I pull up stakes and leave the once-great state of California, my home since birth, to move to the now-great state of Idaho. I haven't found a new home yet, but rest assured, it will have at MINIMUM a three-car garage, a workshop, or...
  12. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I was hoping the LJ community could help me out a bit. I couldn't find any related articles (maybe I'm not using the right terminology), so if there is one, just link it here for me. I just bought a Rigid DP15501 Drill press from an estate sale. It works great when I was there so I got it...
1-13 of 13 Results