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  1. Wood Covered Cooler

    I saw something similar to this at a retail big-box store, and decided I didn't want to pay the 225 bucks for it. I ordered a 28 dollar, 58 quart Coleman cooler from Amazon (free shipping) and went to work making a chest around it. I decided to use oak for this because I have a whole bunch of...
  2. Antique Ice Chest Restoration

    This project started with a colleague asking if I might be interested in cleaning up an old chest that he was going to take to the dump… Buried deep in the back corner of his garage on the farm was this dirty heavily painted ice chest. I first noticed some of the carving near the top and the rot...
  3. Whoops!

    Another carving finally finished from RWR 3/18. This was in Gary Falin's class and from one of his roughouts. About 4 inches tall. Claude
  4. Scrap Wood *********************************** Cooler

    Not much of a story. My daughter wanted a rustic wedding and a watering trough as a drink cooler. I can't just throw a metal tub on the ground and call it a day, so… I had a bunch of cut-off 2X4s laying around and got to work. The only "new" purchase was the trough and the hinges. I...
  5. Ice Skating Santa

    This is a happy Santa, ice skating on a local pond in the far North. Santa stands about 7 inches tall, including the stand. Carved from basswood, painted with acrylics. Claude
  6. 3 day Patio Cooler

    Hi all, I know there are tons of these out there, but mine has some cool features and science. The Materials I was out running one day and noticed that an apartment complex nearby was throwing away some pine shelving from a laundry room. I came back and picked up a ton of the stuff, which is...
  7. Party Chest in Red Oak

    This is an ice chest with a pine frame, covered in reclaimed barrel staves made of red oak. The pine frame was stained to somewhat match the red oak. There's a bottle opener on the side you can't see in the photos as well as a hinge on one of the red oak planks to get to the drain to the chest.
  8. Cooler Box

    Just another cooler box I made.
  9. Recently finished sword rack...

    Hello all, this is my first post here, a recently completed sword rack, the last of my projects in my pre-domino era. Mortise and loose tenon joinery, template routed, made from Cherry with a Wenge inlay. Worst part of this project was rough cutting the sides, because I was too lazy to change...
  10. Boca Brewery Birdhouse and Feeder By Greg Zirbel

    Artist Greg Zirbel The Boca Brewing Co. located just south of the convergence of the Little Truckee River which drains through the Boca dam and into the Truckee River was one hopping place. One of the best known California breweries of the 19th century started operations in 1876. Boca Lager...
  11. Ice Cream Scoop in Chrome with Burmese Rosewood Handle PSI Kit

    Ice Cream Scoop in Chrome with Burmese Rosewood Handle PSI Kit. This is a quite simple kit to make on a lathe with a lot of value. Made a YouTube video and put that on my channel at: Also see my website at Thanks!
  12. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Thinking about moving to Milwaukee M18 tools from my Ryobi starter tools. I've been using Ryobi One Plus for my most used and Harbour Freight for the once in a while. Life is good in all areas , salary, time, debt and so forth so the budget is more forgiving if I want. This will be a several...
  13. Blogs
    "Workin' Wood at Haiku" Workin' Wood at Haiku ....the last snow-flake falls, box of wood splays my beauty, pedals blow grace-full…. --by flp From where I'm coming from….it's all-ready written in the wood…. Thank you. GODSPEED, Frank RusticWoodArt [email protected]
    32-42 wide slabs a kings incoming a story of two benches a woodworkers tale abstract free form acer sacchrum acheronian acheronian wood imaging adroit adroit nature ageless wood altar art art-full creation of a megalomaniac articles of expression with wood asian barn board barnboard barns beauty beaver beaver away beholder of art bench legs birch birch art birch burl birch trees birthed color bladed scarf joint blogging bluebird bluebird house board and batten bodies in ryuutai uneri boiled linseed oil boiled linseed oil and beeswax bone chandelier boxes branch joinery brushed shellac burl burls burls in wood burls of wood burning wood business cabin cabin renovation update can i speak for woodart carbonazation of wood carving chain saw chain saw mill chain saw milling chainsaw milling character of barns charcoaled dreams of a woodworking passion cherry cherry hardwood chestnut box chisels colors in trees colors of fall in new england colors of new hampshire conceptual wood experiences creating a wood finish crocus crocuses crotch wood curly maple de-waxed shellac dewaxed shellac divagating with wood dreaming in color dreams driftwood dyads of black and white eastern bluebird efficacious persona english barn enhancing the atmosphere of my milieu envisager of wood dreams everwood tells a story fall colors fall colors in new hampshire finishing wood fire and wood forest free form sculpture free form wood sclpture free form wood sculpture free forming with wood free hand chain sawing funiture furniture garnet shellac gathering mode in wood ghost wood gouges gourds haiku hand tools hand working wood hard wood hebrew hobbit holes in myworld hobbits hollowedwood httpfrankwordpresscom ice images imagination ink scribe japan japan and haiku poetry japanese japanese haiku jubilant junk art kayaking knots kurokongouseki lacquer hemlock lacquer wine late wood and early wood lilac liquid hide glue live wood joinery living in a wooddream of color lj woodworking awards – winter 2008 logging looking for eve madregah tzedek maple maple burl maple crown maple wood my puszcza of a woodtable myth busting shellac tales nature oak oak boards oak burls oak japanese pull plane oak slab october 31 old barn board old barns have a life of their own olive oil open doors of trees osage orange outhouses panoptic penofin photo photos pictures pine pine boards pine hemlock pine knots pine trees poems poetry poland pond post and beam raw umber raw umber acrylic pigment reclaimed barn board reclaimed barnboard reclaimed wood red oak redolent tease rental property rock maple rockin knot rockin maple rustic root systems rustic rustics of man-wood-art rusticwoodart rusticwoodart rustic rusticwoodmangmailcom rusttic ryuutai uneri sanding sanding wood sculpture sculptured shadow lands of wood shaker style benches shaker styling with wood shellac shellac and water damage shellac flakes simulated wood tales singing sitre akhre sketchbook inspiration slab of cherry slabs slabs of wood slivered audacity snow songs spalted spalted maple spalted wood spring steel wool storehouses of snow and ice stories stories taken from a woodhermit of the north country sugar maple sunroom tabula rasa tea tea table the how to’s of wood are only a front for who i am the multi-purposed 2×4 the muse of dancing wood art timber frame timber frame construction tinted wood epoxy trading in beauty for ashes treasure saved from the woodpile tree roots trees tung oil twinings of woodart vernal infusion views of wood expression vision walkabout waxed shellac weathered wood white oak wide slabs wood wood and fire wood art wood ashes wood blues wood boggy mind wood chisels wood conception wood dance wood epoxy wood finishes wood finishing by fire wood gouges wood holes wood images wood joinery wood joints wood king-doms wood knots wood meter wood oil finishes wood photos wood pile projects and fire wood sculpture wood scupper wood slabs wood spirits wood stories wood thoughts wood was not all-ways my name woods woodwindows of the soul woodworking woodworking by hand woodworking hand tools woodworking jigs woodworks woodwriting haiku thursdays woodwriting haiku thursdays japanese haiku woody cellular being word images in wood working the wood working wood for a natural finish working woods
  14. Blogs
    "Beauties of Wood" --by RusticWoodArt Beauties of Wood ....i am the breeze that carouses through your veins of wood, where in the distance my imaging gives freely to any who taste, taste and see that 'just as' i am likened with life at dusk, so 'just is' the assurance also that come my...
  15. Wood & Lumber
    And know that today, I suck more than you all… Cherry, 5/4, 4" - 8" w, 4 - 8 ft. $0.60 a board foot. Perseverance Furthers. HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA… ;)
  16. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    This listing ( is for a Foley Belsaw SharpAll. Looks like it's in pretty rough shape. Is this worth saving as a sharpener? I could use a good sharpener, but I probably know as much as the original poster knows about the Foley Belsaw.
  17. Hand Tools
    I bought this item this week and wondering if any of you all had seen one of these. The handle folds back for what seems to be for compactness. Here is the item folded.
  18. Woodworking Skill Share
    Our Old Frig broke… Had to get a New Frig… It didn't come with an Ice Tray Rack… ... I Needed an Ice Tray Rack… . I had just Cataract surgery on my Left eye 3 days earlier BUT I FELT Great! So, I put on some Safety Glasses and went at it… . This is a Quick & Dirty Ice Tray Rack… Nothing...
1-18 of 18 Results