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  1. Ice Cream Scoop with Celtic Knot inlay, knurled and burned

    My first prototypes of this project went to relatives for Christmas gifts. I hadn't used the lathe in 15 or 20 years and started with some avocado "firewood". I kept refining techniques and learned to use glue liberally and patiently on the inlay. I used yellow heart and purple heart on this one...
  2. Ice Cream Scoop

    I actually found some time to turn some Christmas presents before it was to late!! Main wood is paduk. Inlay is 1/16" maple sandwiched between two 1/32" black dyed veneers. The ellipse is cut on a table saw sled at 25 degrees. I don't cut all the way through the blank so I have some alignment...
  3. Neapolitan ice cream scoop; Handle with flare!

    Made from Walnut, Maple, and Blood wood. Finished with ca glue.
  4. Woodworkers & Woodturners -- Give wood a second life!

    Cake slicers, ice cream scoop and letter openers (under $2 each) all made from reclaimed scraps: • Ice cream scoop ($1.25) - cut-off from a discarded garden tool holder • Cake slicers ($1.25 each) - abandoned broom handle & leftover dowel from a previous project • Letter openers ($ 1.50...
  5. Ice cream scoops with zebrawood and black walnut handles ... 1 hour or so labor ...

    This one of those quick one hour or so labor projects… made the zebrawood ice cream scoop yesterday evening after work and the walnut tonight. Only used 4 tools … drill press, band saw, belt sander and oscillating spindle sander. Handles are made from 6 inch long 7/4 offcuts …. one from...
  6. Ice cream scoop for my mother inlaw

    Just a little somethin somethin I gave my mother inlaw for Thanksgiving. She tried it and loved it . Solid Brass with a Maple & Walnut handle = Reminds me of Fudge Ripple ice cream…so I thought it would be a good combination for this project.
  7. chromed juicer with whimsical honduran mahogany handle ..... also more

    If you read my previous project entry you know the Mendleson's story and if you read my response to Karson's comments in that project posting you know that I went back and bought another dozen scoops details. In the bin of scoops were a few matching juicers. Couldn't resist …. I batched 5...
  8. April showers = May flowers; June snow = ... some workshop time and an Ice Cream Scoop

    The past weekend morning snow in Alberta had given me a perfect reason to complete an unfinished project I started on Thursday. (Confession: that wasn't the only unfinished project in my shop; there're three (or four?) other work-in-progress projects waiting for my attention. Well, remember...
  9. Ice Cream Scoops

    A couple days before Christmas Deb stopped by woodcraft to pick something up for me. She also brought back an ice cream scoop kit (very nice stainless kit.) She suggested I make a handle for it from dunnage to give to our daughter in law (that gets the dunnage for me.) So I grabbed a pre-cut...
  10. wedding gift for neice

    This is a wedding gift for my older sisters youngest daughter. The cutting board is walnut and hard maple, finished with General Finishes salad bowl finish. The ice cream scoop is walnut with a CA glue finish. This is one of my first turning projects.
  11. Matching Ice Cream Scoop and Pizza Cutter

    On a whim and with a few extra bucks in my pocket I got some Spectraply turning blanks at my local Woodcraft a couple years ago. I made a candle holder and a bud vase out of some and the boss, er…wife, really liked it. So Christmas eve two years ago I made her an ice cream scoop with a...
  12. Lots more Ice Cream Scoops

    I made these one afternoon. I make handles for several things, so I have lots of blanks cut and ready to turn. The one with the pointed handle is an off axis turning. I made the scoop end on axis, then shifted about 1/4 inch in one direction, then 1/4 inch in the other. But I didn't turn the off...
  13. Two Scoops Please!

    Who doesn't like ice cream? My oldest daughter is turning 15 this month and one thing she requested from her dear old dad was an ice cream scoop. You know, the ones that you turn on the lathe. I couldn't have been more happy to please with this fun project! I bought the stainless steel scoop...
  14. November Turnings

    Just posting a few of my recent lathe projects that I made for Christmas gifts. Just your run of the mill project kits from Rockler and Woodcraft. My family and friends love when Christmas comes around. By now, they just expect gifts from my wood shop each year. These have been a nice break...
  15. Turned Ice Cream Scoop

    Here was fun one I made recently. It's an Ice Cream Scoop Kit project that I turned on a lathe. This is a great beginner turning project and can be made in about an hour. . . I have more pictures and a video over at my other site on
  16. Ice Cream Scoop

    I bought a cheap ice cream scoop at the supermarket, took the handle off of it and turned a new one for it. This is from a fallen plum tree in the neighborhood.
  17. Ice cream scoop

    Made this with a piece of cocobolo with kit from Rockler. Finished with ca finish. Thought it came out real well. Wife loves it. What do you guys think ?
  18. Ice Cream Scoops

    Two Ice Cream Scoops (if you can't guess I recently got a lathe so this Christmas is all turnings). Wood - Maple and Walnut Finish - Wipe on Poly My wife says I made them too long.
  19. Ice Cream scoop

    Saw one these kits another LJ'er had made and had to give it a go. This one is nothing special. Maple and padauk with a few coats of satin finish. I epoxied the scoop in and it is rock solid. This will be a gift for friends we visit with each Christmas Eve. All I wish you a Merry Christmas and...
  20. Christmas Gifts

    These are Christmas gifts I made for my daughter. Both are from kits I bought from Chefware Kits. I turned the handles from a Walnut tool handle blank that I bought some time back and never used. I am happy with the way they turned out.
1-20 of 27 Results