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  1. Woodsmith Magazine Scissor-Lift Workbench

    I made a modified version of the Woodsmith Magazine Scissor-Lift Workbench (Vol. 37 No 217 page 20). It's embarrassing, but when I started the project, I was focused on how this was going to be a great downdraft table. Even though it says it in the title of the magazine article, I didn't...
  2. Slate bench

    Just a little project to fill in the gap between bigger projects. The legs are made of Jatoba and the rails are made of left over African Mahogany from a previous build. The interior of the bench is made of slate inset in grout. Thanx for looking.
  3. Joinery
    So I have done this a handful of times before, using 3/8 fluted dowels in 3/4 Pine plywood to reinforce an already-glued up butt joint (end to face) from the night before. Figured i'd just drill through both pieces at the same time and have a visible dowel showing through instead of spending...
  4. Blogs
    My 5 Most Used RIDGID Cordless Tools Not sure if any of you saw the cache of RIDGID tools I got a while back, but I have been trying all of them out for a few months and these are the 5 that I found really changed the way I work the most. I also include some really brief insight into each of...
  5. Hand Tools
    Hello, I have the JET 20 ton hydraulic jack that I am using in a shop press to push metal dies into leather. It calls for an air compressor running at 101-145 psi at 7.85 cfm. I am not too familiar with air compressors and I was wondering if anyone has some advice for a small/quieter unit...
1-5 of 5 Results