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  1. Craftsman Slate and Quarter Sawn Oak Coffee Tables

    Here is my craftsman style coffee table set. They feature 16×16" slate stone tops, and thick quarter sawn oak construction. Most of the stock is 5/4, except the lower rails which are 8/4. I kept the proportions fairly chunky, with five wide slats at each end. Through tenons and some inlayed...
  2. Lithophane

    I used my CW to carve the photo of my dad into 1/2 white Corian, then i made a box with leds back lighting this.
  3. oval coffee table

    finally i pulled myself together and made our coffe table. The top are made of plywood and folie. The legs are an old kitchen table made of oak. i think they are a bit to high, but not the wife . soooooooo !
  4. Jakes Chair

    This is my first-ever furniture project and I am quite pleased with the way it turned out. #2 pine (or whatever) from 'the borg'. Titebond II (until I ran out, then Titebond III), deck screws, oil-based Killz primer (thus far). My first use of a HVLP gun ever. I bought the el-cheapo from...
  5. Another quick drum sander

    I needed a small drum sander, so I decided to make one. (Super cheap) :) Start off with a block of wood from the scrap bin and a hole saw Cut out the drum with the hole saw Get some hardware Screw it all together Use some contact adhesive and a piece of sandpaper And that is all that...
  6. Son of Metamorph

    This design is based on a design by Dennis W. Montville of Sterling Heights, Michigan. He called his creation 'Metamorph', hence the title of my poor immitation(s). For a look at his original work, check out or go to This piece is made from scraps of hard maple, cut...
  7. First Post - Pinewood Derby Car

    This is a car. It has wings. It can go really fast. It has wheels. I made it by myself. I am proud about it. It got second place for style. I made it out of the block in the kit. It has stickers. The numbers are 712. 712 is pack number. I painted it. It has a penny embedded in it on the top for...
  8. Girl with the umbrella - version 3

    Marquetry motif made by exceptional photographer Metin Demiralay alias scarabuss. The motif (the latest version) is made of the best types of natural veneers: walnut root, elm burl veneer, poplar root, maple, olive. Girl with the umbrella - version 3 Girl with the umbrella - version 2 Girl...
  9. Ultimate Miter Saw Station

    Well I'm calling it the "ultimate" miter saw station anyway :) 14.5' long. 15 sheets of 3/4" ply. No doors, all drawers. 20 full extension 24" deep drawers. One pull out tray (bottom left) for storing my planer out of the way. 12" sliding miter saw with 4" dust collection port in...
  10. Mix & Match

    Was time to clean out the off-cut bin and this is the result. The box lid is a half lapped Bubinga frame with a section of Curly Maple set in dado's. The lifter is Walnut. The box sides are mahogany with Oak corners. The hinges are Cherry set on Wenge blocks. Thats 7 different species ;-) Its...
  11. A Graduation Gift

    My next door neighbor girl, who I have known for years, who is one of my daughters good friends, is going to graduate this year. She has always made hand made gifts for us on the holidays, and if it wasn't a gift it was a hand made card. For her graduation present, I had to make her something...
  12. Last minute Christmas order

    It has been a while since I last posted a project and decided that I needed to start posting more of my projects. This project was for some Christmas gifts for one of my clients that has purchased a few pens in the past. This time it was a request for 3 pen sets (pen, letter opener, and a...
  13. Lighted Birdhouse

    We were looking for a lamp post leading the way to our front door. Came up with the idea to make a lighted birdhouse. The country cottage I designed turned out to cause heads to turn when folks drove by.
  14. Segmented Vase

    If you want you can see how I did that vase:
  15. Guitar Pick Box

    I used sold curly maple wood for the guitar pick box. For a how to video and free plans for this project click Here! Check out my YouTube channel Rosewood59 for more projects and free plans! Check out my Website Rosewood59 for more projects and free plans!
  16. Router plane

    Shop made Router plane with a commercial blade. Knobs are reuse of Makita router that is attached to a router table. Base plate is made of stripe ebony.
  17. Tablesaw Sled

    Here is a tablesaw sled I made based on a video from YouTube on Nick Ferry's channel. I just eyeballed it and payed attention to the details in the video… did not buy the plans. I did the 5-cut square method to square up the fence. Those who have tried this know there is a little bit of luck...
  18. Simple Bathroom Corner Shelf

    Basic Corner Shelf for Bathroom. Holds hairspray, fingernail polish, etc. MDO 3/4" ply Poplar Shelves Beadboard back Frilly trim on top Finish: HVLP applied Semi-Gloss Waterbased Latex Enamel mixed with Semi-Gloss Waterbased Polyurethane (Ratio 4:1). This mixture helps to thin the latex a...
  19. Gun Cabinet

    This is a cabinet that I built for a local logger for some cedar lumber and advertisement in another community. It is Built from Cedar,trim made on router table , will hold ten guns. He wanted solid wooden doors no glass. Finished with some were around five coats of satin spray on lacquer.
  20. HVLP Spray Cart

    I made this cart for my HVLP sprayer so I could get it out of the storage bins. Top drawer holds the spray gun and all accessories Middle drawer holds the filters and bigger things (even a one gallon can of finish) Bottom drawer holds the hose Two features that I think are handy. 1) The...
41-60 of 168 Results