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  1. Hurricane Coasters

    The coasters themselves are made from a small tree lost in Hurricane Ike in my neighborhood. I was just able to fit them under the miter saw and chop off about a dozen pieces. I let them dry for a couple of weeks picking out the ones that didn't check for the set. I finished them with about...
  2. Organ Box

    This is my wife and I's favorite box. I found the sides in a pile of old warehouse furniture and fixtures that came from an old tennant moving out and a new one moving in. There were pieces to an old organ in that pile and I scarfed them up. I believe the wood is old mahogany. The chatoyance...
  3. Blogs
    We Survived Hurricane Ike... Hello fellow Lumberjocks, As you know, Hurricane Ike came calling on us down in the Houston area causing a significant amount of destruction. This has been one of the worst storms I can remember and I have lived in the Houston area all my life. We were without...
1-3 of 3 Results