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  1. The Ultimate Wooden Puzzle

    Yes, I know this isn't a project. I couldn't get the photo to load in the Coffee Lounge so I thought I'd place it here…... A gift for someone who already has everything. This will keep them busy for hours. - JJ
  2. Leaning Clothes Tree

    This is the first project out of my new shop in Portland, OR. I wanted something other than the usual clothes tree, and came up with this design. So far it's working quite well. The 'footprint' is only 16×16, and it is not attached to the wall in any way. Useful when you live in an...
  3. Ridgid R4512 Tablesaw Outfeed Table

    Finished this outfeed table for my Ridgid R4512 tablesaw based on ideas from other projects and designs from lumberjacks postings. I designed the support knee brace to come off the rear axle of the casters so it is always set at the right height regardless of the shop floor. No leveling of...
  4. Parting Tool Handle

    Shortly after starting here I made a parting tool from an old jointer knife. I used a spare handle that was here in the shop and it worked ok for a while, but the hole in the end was cracked and the tool would slip out of it very easily. So, I decided that it was time to make a new handle for...
  5. pony carousel

    This was my sister's baby shower gift when she was pregnant with my neice. I decided to try something different. I have been making toyboxes for kids because every child needs a toybox. I have posted one of my toyboxes in my projects. It is made out of pine, and painted with acrylic paints...
  6. Cutting Board w/ handle slot

    I made nine of the birch and walnut cutting boards for gifts, while using up a bunch of scrap wood.
  7. Czeck Edge Pilot marking knife

    This was my first completed woodturning project. The handle is olivewood; the metal parts (blade and ferrule) came from Czeck Edge. Overall length is about 5 1/2". The finish is Zinsser Bulls Eye shellac cut to 50% with denatured alcohol, plus about 20% boiled linseed oil. UPDATE 2009-06-25: I...
  8. My 1st carved duck decoy

    Gotta start somewhere.
  9. Entertainment built in

    My wife has decided she wants a built in cabinet for the Big screen and some shelves for the books. I intend to build three cabinet bases with the middle one standing proud a couple inches, then add bookcase shelves on the outer two and pedestal shelves in the middle for the DVD and VCR stuff...
  10. '32 Ford Sedan Hot Rod Freaky Ford Blue Toy Car

    The second car in the blue series. A 1932 Ford Sedan. I have several sets of these waiting for finishing and and assembly. The idea is to test different finishes and techniques with each set. The car body is made from MDF the rest of the parts are birch. The body paint is Hoe Depot oops paint...
  11. Gil-Bilt 6"x48" Belt Sander

    A few months ago, a gentleman gave me a partially constructed Gil-Bilt 6"x48" belt sander kit he purchased from Gilliom Mfg. in 1976 and never got around to building. Although parts were fairly rusty and missing hardware from years stored in his barn, it did have complete plans, which made...
  12. Roll Top ~ a bandsawn box

    Hi A recently completed bandsawn box - the Roll Top. Australian Red Cedar, it is 14.5 cm (5 3/4") long. The insert is Birch. Good Health
  13. TV Cabinet

    Red oak TV cabinet with reeded glass doors and storage for DVD's. Finished with boiled linseed oil and wax.
  14. Lathe spindle steady rest

    shop made steady rest for Delta 46-715 lathe
  15. Truck

    My truck made from a downloaded plan from the net.
  16. American Elm Bowl

    American Elm bowl, used as a fruit bowl. Finished with Mike Mahoney's walnut oil and wax
  17. Staved vessel

    After seeing so many other beautiful project by other lumberjocks, I just had to try a staved vessel of my own. This is of Madrone and Ebony (Offcuts from a previously posted Greene and Greene table) and having finished it I think it's one of the ugliest things I have made in recent history...
1-20 of 500 Results