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  1. Humming Bird

    This piece is 16" x 16" and made from plywood and pallet wood. The humming bird was cut on a scroll saw. The pattern was designed by Rick & Karen Longabaugh.
  2. Humming bird

    This little guy is made of maple, walnut, and sapele with a marble wood base. I thought the little guy need some body armor.
  3. Hummingbird Feeder

    If you're looking for an easy to build hummingbird feeder this one is perfect. I made this hummingbird feeder in only a few hours. I got the plan from a book written by A.J. Hamler. A.J. is a an excellent woodworker and his book: Easy to Build Birdhouses - A Natural Approach is a fun one...
  4. humming bird 2

    I was asked for one more but made with bubinga wood for the body. ( Not a very fun wood to carve) sorry the pics came out sideways.
  5. Intarsia..2 more

    Bird is purpleheart, oak, maple, cedar and poplar, finished in satin lacquer. Pattern is from Garnet Hall. Bear is cedar and poplar, finished in satin lacquer. Pattern is from Judy Gale Roberts.
  6. Hand Tools
    I need to make a new top for a used Workmate, I bought recently. On the inside edge of each board-the clamping side-is a knotch running parallel and centered. The knotch is 45 degrees. It is there, I'm sure, to add to the "gripping power" of unevenly-sided material. I am relatively new to...
  7. Blogs
    Hummingbird Feeder Here was an easy project that I did recently; a Hummingbird Feeder. You only need one board for this project and it's something you can build in a few hours. Here is my attempt at making a video of how I made it, and as always you can check out my website at...
  8. Woodturning
    Found this in an ad, but seller doesn't know much about it, and neither do I. Looks sturdy, tho. There are some other Luna tools in the shop, so I'm thinking maybe a Luna? Do you have any thoughts on it as to strength and accuracy, and roughly the original price segment?
1-9 of 9 Results