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  1. Ebony Hudson Bay Murphy bed | Custom

    This is the first time I've used the Minwax Ebony stain by itself. I've used it in combination with a dye to achieve my cappuccino finish, but never alone and on oak. This bed was built in February 2011. It is a version called the Hudson Bay Murphy bed. It is the standard Alpine version with...
  2. The Honorable King Murphy | Custom

    This is a Murphy bed that I just completed in a King size. This is not something that I normally offer because it is not be perfectly counterbalanced. I tested one and it weighed about 25 lbs. to closed. This is the third king size that I've built but the first in the Hudson Bay style. I've...
  3. Murphy Bed Sofa w/7 bookcases | Custom

    This is a Murphy bed that was completed in April 2010. It is my Hudson Bay style with an added sofa. The sofa cushions are removed and the bed folds in between the arms. The customer sent me the fabric, I built the frame and I had the upholstery completed in Mississippi by "Style and...
  4. Murphy Wall Bed Pair | Custom

    This is a pair of murphy beds that were built and shipped unfinished. They were completed in October 2009. What is unique about these are they are apart of the same unit. The two queen wall beds are separated by a 18" bookcase. The Hudson Bay as I call it is simply the Alpine with some added...
  5. Blogs
    November 12, 2009 This is a new feature that I'll be starting. It is recorded video update on what will be going on in the shop. Or watch Live: live streaming by Ustream
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  6. Blogs
    Murphy wall bed Build Today I'll be building a pair of murphy wall with a bookcase separating them. This will be the version I call the Hudson Bay. It is our simple Alpine with some molding added to the face. I use a stock molding found at a local hardwood supplier. They will be built...
  7. Blogs
    Murphy wall bed Build - Finished Got the two beds and the bookcase built in record time, two days. It help that the customer will apply the finish. I finished them up on Saturday just before time to go home. Until I can post the project, here is a link to the videos and building pictures...
1-7 of 7 Results