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  1. Twin Tenon Arts and Crafts Dining Table

    Here is my Twin Tenon Arts and Crafts dining table. The design is my own, and it was inspired by the work of Kevin Rodel. The table is 74" long x 42" wide, and features breadboard ends with walnut accents. The visual focus of the table is the twin keyed tenons. One distinctive detail on the...
  2. Arts and Crafts Motto Frames

    These are some frames and motto art I made for my wife's birthday. Some include the popular Dard Hunter rose motif. Dard was a famous Roycroft print designer. The longer text is a beautiful quote from Elbert Hubbard's 1906 book White Hyacinths. The book was written over a hundred years ago...
  3. Arts and Crafts Frames and Font

    Here are my arts and crafts frames with Roycroft style font and designs. Some are decoration for my healthcare practice, and some are Christmas gifts. Stains range from chestnut Rodda thinned 50%, cherry Minwax, to dark walnut Varathane. Cheers!
  4. Mission Dining Table , Willie Sandry Designs

    Here is my mission style extension dining table. It expands with two 12" leaves to seat 10 people. The leaves feature hinged aprons, and store inside the table. The aprons fold on continuous hinges that lock at 90 degrees, and are held in place with rare earth magnets. The fixed portion of...
  5. Wedge and Strap Arts and Crafts Dresser

    Here is my interpretation of an arts and crafts 6 drawer dresser. Although it shares some design features with the Harvey Ellis 9 drawer dresser and the Gustav Stickley #906, I added a wedge and strap detail on the tapered backsplash. It is designed to look like a leather strap tightened by a...
  6. Hand Tools
    Hello All, I don't know about any of you, but I run across lots of wood chisels with unfamiliar or faded (often both) maker's marks (m.m.)/trademarks. I've spent hours trying to research who made what and when and with what mark - with a lot of success - but still leaving an incomplete...
  7. Blogs
    Frame components and tabletop I wanted to design an arts and crafts dining table that included arched rails and twin keyed tenons. I like several of the Stickley tables, but wanted something original. I like the feel of Keven Rodel's Talesien desk, which served as inspiration for this table...
1-8 of 8 Results