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  1. Scrimshaw Powder Horn 16; Black Powder Container for Muzzleloading Era Firearms

    This powder horn has been "SOLD" To See other Powder Horns that are still FOR SALE visit my Store ------------------------- UPDATE 5-5-2011: I have agreed to teach a Powder Horn Building and Scrimshaw Decoration Class at the John Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, NC. The date will...
  2. Scrimshaw Powder Horn 21; Black Powder Container for Muzzleloading Era Firearms

    This powder horn Number 21 has been SOLD (12-19-2008) To view other Powder Horns that are FOR SALE visit my Store ============================== UPDATE 5-5-2011: I have agreed to teach a Powder Horn Building and Scrimshaw Decoration Class at the John Campbell Folk School in...
  3. Drink Cap on Stairs

    The is a Trex deck with aluminum railings and a drink cap also using Trex decking. The material is spiced rum which is a multi tone board giving a more convincing appearance of wood. The size of this deck is 8'x22'. The highlight of this project that makes it worth sharing is the continuous...
  4. Plywood Storage Box

    In this video I will be making this wooden box. It's made from plywood and is made mainly with shoulder joints. This is a very quick and easy built. This project is useful if you need storage for any items! Please see the full YouTube Video if you want to see all the steps I did to make it! Hope...
  5. Bandsaw Bowl

    So it is a bit late for a valentines gift now but the idea of a bandsaw bowl is transferable to any shape. Hope this helps out someone. The videos aspect ratio is a bit messed up BTW. Check out my webiste.
  6. Cocobolo Wooden Twist Pen

    Despite having been turning for a number of years now I have never got round to turning a wooden pen, finally a few weeks ago I got round to making this one out of a cocobolo pen blank. The video bellow explains how I made it!
  7. Picnic-Styled Coffee Table

    This piece is made with stock pine and was originally designed to fit a small apartment living room. It was my first piece I built, using a handsaw and a drill with alot of sandpaper, and as such has a special place in my heart. It has a picnic table look, and I have since designed and built...
  8. Turned Wooden Mallet

    Here is a video of me turning one of the carving style mallets. I used an entire log to turn this but because the heart is still inside it may have a tendency to crack so if you do, do this you need to have a completely dry log.
  9. Spalted Maple Turned Box- With Stand (Yay)!

    Hey LJ! So if you have been following me on youtube you should know I was sent a box with some great bits of wood. Incidently you can also follow me on twitter more updates. One of those pieces of wood was a small but really great chunk of spalted maple. I decided I would use the splated...
  10. Carvers Mallet out of Yard Holly

    I cut down the overgrown holly tree in the yard last year. Decided to try to make something out of one of the uglier branches. Hey look this carvers mallet turned up! Embellished the top using a shop made chatter tool. It's just the right size and weight for my small carving chisels. Thanks...
  11. Reclaimed Maple Beam Mantle

    Here's a simple reclaimed mantle we put in a historic home in Phoenix. The customer came to the yard and picked out the beam that we cut this from. You'll see the pictures of how we made a french cleat for it in the shop and installed it in their home. This is my favorite way to float smaller...
  12. Cosmetic box

    This is a cosmetic box for my daughter starts her collage life. Since the space is one of the biggest constraint of her new room, she asked me to make a box so that she can organize her belongings. Oak and striped ebony are material. I hope she likes this one.
  13. Making a Yo-Yo

    A few months back someone asked me if I would make a Yo-Yo, so here is my take on the project. Here is a link to more about the Yo-Yo over on my website: Be sure to let me know what you think!
  14. The Birch China Cabinet; The Crazy Story of How I Quit My Corporate Office Job To Be A Woodworker

    This was a commissioned piece, and was sold in 1997. You can see more of this project at - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Project Story: The year was 1997. My first major furniture commission, this Birch China Hutch, was the important start to my...
  15. How to Make a Perfect Mitre Joint (Jig)

    In this video I will be showing you how I make perfect Mitre Joints. Video My Channel
  16. Wooden Bowl From a Log

    Just a quick video showing how to make a wooden bowl from a log. Sorry that the audio is a little quiet. Enjoy!
  17. Supersize me !

    Hello , this is another commisioned piece made from Maple and Black Walnut . It is 16"wide x 20" long plus the handle adds about 5" to it and it is 9/16" thick . I reduced the thickness from 3/4" due to the weight factor for the elderly couple that ordered it from me. They love it and commented...
  18. Another Bud Vase

    As the title says this is just another bud vase, this one is made from oak. Let me know what you think, bad or good, comment bellow!
  19. How to Make a Wooden Bar Stool - With Angled Mortise and Tenon Joinery

    In this YouTube you will see me doing every stage I did to make this stool. I will be showing you how I ripped the wood to length, made angled mortise and Tenon joints, and the glue up of the side,, sanding the stool and rounding over the edges, theses are just of the few things I will be doing...
  20. Wooden Crate

    Take a look at my YouTube Video on how I made this wooden crate. I split the video up into two sections ( 1 and 2). In the video I start with a 4×4 reclaimed pine and turn it into this lovely crate. Video - Part 1 - Video - Part 2 - My channel -...
1-20 of 56 Results