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  1. The Cremona Slab Shelves - A Story About Community

    Matt Cremona sent me a slab of wood. I made some live edge slabs out of it. The online woodworking community is incredible Watch the Cremona Slab Video here
  2. Oak Rocking Chair - Xmas Present

    I made this rocking chair for my grandma for Christmas. I got the plans from WOOD Magazine. This chair can be use indoors or outdoors. I used an outdoor deck sealer on it and I also waxed and buffed it. This is my first chair I ever made.
  3. Japanese Wari Kebiki (Splitting Gauge)

    If you prefer not to read, the video is here View on YouTube So for those who don't know, a Wari Kebiki is simply a different form of the Japanese marking gauge (sometimes referred to as a Suji Kebiki). The standard marking gauge as the name implies is designed to mark/score the wood in a...
  4. White Oak Saw Bench

    I have wanted to build a Saw Bench for a long time, but have only recently had the space to put it. This one is made of white oak and was made over the course of 3 days. it is about 36" long and the perfect height for kneeling for me. The only power tool I used was a power plane rather than...
  5. Make your own bentwood ring

    Since I posted the bentwood rings that I made I got a lot of questions about how to make them and how they are made. To answer all of those questions I have made these two videos. First video is about preparation and what do you need. Second video is about bending, gluing up and finishing the...
  6. More on my Homebuilt Router Lathe

    So you may have seen the video last week demonstrating my homemade router lathe in action. This is just a follow up of that video to answer any questions people had and take a closer look at how it operates. I also look at the imporvment I would make next time. Enjoy! - also see my website
  7. How I made a Bandsaw Box

    The ABC's of Bandsaw Boxes See the video on YouTube here. By Dave Rutan [Legebla ankaŭ en Esperanto] Bandsaw boxes are boxes made out of wood using only a bandsaw for cutting them out. The wood may be a solid block, a laminated block or a log from the woodpile. Whereas most boxes have...
  8. Reclaimed X Style Trestle Dining Table Build

    Hey Everyone. Check out this 100% reclaimed wood dining table build I did for a client. I have a full video on my Youtube channel too you can check out here Thanks John
  9. Drink Cap on Stairs

    The is a Trex deck with aluminum railings and a drink cap also using Trex decking. The material is spiced rum which is a multi tone board giving a more convincing appearance of wood. The size of this deck is 8'x22'. The highlight of this project that makes it worth sharing is the continuous...
  10. Two Hand Screw Clamps for a Video

    [Legebla ankaŭ en Esperanto] I wrote out these instructions for making a hand screw clamp. I ended up making two of them while filming the video (link to video here.) I posted the video earlier, but I'm finally posting it as a project. How To Make A Hand Screw Clamp by Dave Rutan Woodworkers...
  11. Entertainment Center

    Here's the latest project. This entertainment center is made from quarter sawn oak. The top is veneered plywood as are the ends. It measures about 72" long x 2"2 deep x 25" tall. The drawers have adjustable dividers to allow storage of DVD's, VHS (yes we still have a few of those) or CD's...
  12. Hand Crafted Cow Horn Powder Horns Teaching a class at John Campbell Folk school Scrimshaw Art

    Project: Powder Horns Materials: Wood, Cow Horn, Fine Silver, Brass, Steel, Ink, Wax The four horns shown in the first 6 profile photos are ones I built, three before the class, and a fourth during the class as a demonstration piece. FOR SALE: These three powder horns are for sale, you can...
  13. Japanese Planing Beam (Modified!)

    If you prefer not to read, the video is here. Complete with a bevy of mistakes and tomfoolery. View on YouTube So with the limited space I have I've found it difficult to have a good size work bench. So I endeavored to find a way to get the maximum amount of versatility and work space with...
  14. Japanese Saw Horses

    If you prefer not to read, the video is here View on YouTube I had wanted a pair of these style of horses for a while. Since I am very limited on space I wanted something to use in tandem with my planing beam that would let me work with wide panels for future projects. These are about...
  15. wine cellar racks

    Just a few pictures of the wine cellar that I am working on. They may look like the same rack but the room is octagon shape and the same units are on opposite walls.
  16. Sapele folding table (video how-to)

    Based on a You Tube video by Ron Walters, I made this folding Tray Table big enough for two people. It is made out of Sapele which is expensive but so beautiful. I made it heavy and thick to endure through time, and expanded the original plans for a larger model. The dimensions are 22" deep, 36"...
  17. Cocobolo Wooden Twist Pen

    Despite having been turning for a number of years now I have never got round to turning a wooden pen, finally a few weeks ago I got round to making this one out of a cocobolo pen blank. The video bellow explains how I made it!
  18. Half lap joint picture frame

    Hi, I think that is the easiest project for a woodworker with a table saw.. great gift, cheap materials and great thing to do while you working on something else.. I made it from limba wood leftover that I had from my previous speaker project.. Link to the process - DIY picture frame
  19. Gatling Rubber Band Machine Gun

    I made this fun rubber band gun in a weekend and made a video of the build along with an instructable ( with step by step instructions and free printable templates so others could make this fun project too. I had...
1-20 of 211 Results