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  1. Coasters

    These coasters were made for my brother for his 60th birthday. The wood is kwila. The lathe made it easy to turn the corners down & create the rings. The table saw and linisher were used to shape & thickness them using a sled for the safety aspect. Finished with 6 coats of wipe on poly & buffed...
  2. Candle Holders

    These candle holders are for a wedding present. A friend gave me the white cedar & his daughter is getting married tomorrow. So these are made of the local wood for a local girl & her hubby. The bottom has an engraving with their names and the wedding date. Finished with wipe on poly.
  3. Tea Caddy

    The Meeting (Quaker church) I attend has a woven basket that's been used for years to hold tea bags during coffee hour. During my month to set up coffee I noticed that the basket was on it's last legs - one of the corners was broken. Being the industrious woodworker that I am, I decided to do...
  4. Hand Tools
    I am rebuilding a Stanley 45 Handplane. I'm using two planes purchased from eBay. One was in good shape but was missing the fence. The second has the fence but the wood is bad shape and has been replaced by previous owner(s). I'd like to rebuild the wooden fence to an "original/stock"...
  5. Wood & Lumber
    Just spoke to this guy. Lumber is in Henry County KY. Way more than I can deal with. 4000bf of walnut, 1000bf of Cherry. Might be worthy your while. I'm guessing around $1.50 bf.
1-5 of 5 Results