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  1. Projects Hand carved horse plaque

    I recently carved this horse head on a horse shoe as a gift to celebrate a big birthday. I had always wanted to try to carve one of these and just loved the finished item, I really wish I could have kept it. It's carved from 2 bits of pine that I had to glue together to get the size I wanted...
  2. Coin holder

    This is a coin holder that I made for my boss when he left Fort Irwin, CA. I know, it kinda looks like a toilet seat. That was not intentional, it is a horse shoe. Our unit nickname is the Broncos. Thus the horseshoe shape. This was fun to make.
  3. Horseshoe bench

    I was given some barn wood awhile back and was trying to come up with a project for it when one of my cowboy friends suggested this. I pressure washed the wood and then sanded it down enough so no one would get splinters but I wanted to leave the wood looking rough then I branded it with...
  4. western horshoe bench

    I built this bench for an old friend of mine it is 4 feet long. The bench and back are pine wood that I ripped down and used the pocket hole jig to make slabs. The edge has a pattern routed all the way around it. And the back has the last name routed into it. It is been burnt and has three...
  5. Cowboy

    The owner of this Marlin 30-30 is also a ranch owner. I engraved a cowboy silluoute with a skull of a long horn bull and added other details specific to his ranch such as the horse shoes and his "flying A" brand. He to wanted his brand engraved on the other side of the butt stock.
  6. Growth ruler #5, first intarsia attempt

    Another growth chart done for a friend, she wanted something farm/country themed so I picked up a nice aromatic cedar board. I decided I would try an intarsia, since it was my first try I searched high and low until I found one I wanted to try, I borrowed a image from Linda Couture (give credit...
  7. storage box

    This is a storage box I built for my sister. This was the size she wanted with cowboy boots on the front so this is what I came up with. I like the differences in the wood so I mostly used wood scraps that I had laying around left over from other projects. It is mostly pine and I added some...
  8. Tip

    Woodworking Skill Share
  9. Woodworking Skill Share
    I'm trying to figure out what finish to put on a mahogany tv stand that I'm working on. I tried a coat of Watco on some scrap. The 'red mahogany' Watco was kinda splotchy if you look at it at the right angle. And the natural Watco turned out a bit orange. It all looks completely dull, dead...
  10. Hand Tools
    Well, I finally came across a Type 2 Sargent #407 so I snatched it up. This was rare enough that, yes, I had to pay a pretty penny for it. It looked a bit beat up on fleaBay but had all the parts, so I dug out my electrolysis bath and went to work. . . It originally looked like this: ...
  11. Designing Woodworking Projects
    Hello I'm new to this site, but I have been looking for some plans for a Military retirement shadow box. My father is a retired Marine who passed in 07 and I would like to make a shadow box for my mom. What I'm looking for is plans for a shadow box that holds a 3×5 flag in the corner. Thanks...
1-11 of 11 Results