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  1. friend gift to his Mother

    The friend that suppied me with wood still coms over now and then, he still bring over boken down dressers that works really good for projects. He asked me if I could do one of a horsr stand proud. I hope this is one that they both will share.
  2. Horses - Intarsia Woodworking

    Horses - Intarsia Woodworking One of my recent Intarsia projects is from a painting of horses. The client sent me a photograph of a painting hanging on their wall and requested an Intarsia piece from this photograph. I was very excited to start this one because I loved the picture they sent...
  3. Horses, Herd, Plains, Prairie, Lightning on the Plains

    When I first saw this picture I knew I wanted to make it. Some things just hit you like that, you just know. It may not be the most diffiicult picture that I have done, but I do like it. This picture is very delicate with the lightning coming down from the sky, but the glass will keep it from...
  4. Horses - Take Two!

    A few weeks back, I did a horse project for a customer. She sent over a picture of a painting hanging on her wall and wanted a piece done of this painting. I absolutely loved the picture that she sent over and was extremely excited to start this project. There is a few ways that I could have...
  5. Clydesdale and Colt

    My newest project of a Clydesdale horse and her colt. This project is 202 pieces made from pine, cedar, dark walnut, light walnut, and aspen. To read the full article about this project and for more pictures, visit my website
  6. Juniper Elk desk and chair

    Juniper Elk desk and chair- This is another of our "Theme" desks. Each desk is one of a kind and has unique features. All this wood is forest reclaimed wood from forest clean up (alligator juniper).The low back chair is a Sam Maloof inspired piece.The desk has redwood burl drawer fronts and...
  7. Now here is something I can do all day; engrave glass.

    When I start to feel artsey I either break out the oil paints or grab my engraving tool after digging through my pile of glass. I usually come up for air when my coffee pot runs dry.
  8. Longhorn desk

    Longhorn desk-Tought I would share my latest in my "theme" desks. It is made of Walnut and Mesquite. Also there is a picture of the chair made to go with it. The desk features an original oil painting of a Longhorn, handshaping throughout, mesquite burl and carved handles. These "Theme" desks...
  9. Growth ruler #5, first intarsia attempt

    Another growth chart done for a friend, she wanted something farm/country themed so I picked up a nice aromatic cedar board. I decided I would try an intarsia, since it was my first try I searched high and low until I found one I wanted to try, I borrowed a image from Linda Couture (give credit...
  10. running mustangs

    #3 of my series High Country Mustangs done on a maple door. woodburned
  11. #6 High country mustang series

    this is #6 of my high country mustang series. the last one of this series. enjoy. it is done on a cabinet door. colored with chalk, acrylics and oil pastels and colored pencils
  12. draft horse #1 of series

    this is burned on a maple cabinet door. and colored with acrylics, chalk and colored pencils. it is the first in my draft horse series. enjoy
  13. Live edge Horses on the Meadow

    Hi everyone its been a busy summer. We cut down this Locust tree and I took a couple of pieces just for me. This pattern resembles the pattern made by Marilyn Carmin. I did a little adjusting on it to make it fit this piece of wood. This is Locust and it wasn't hard to cut at all. In fact...
  14. the shire ,draft horse #3

    this is #3 of my draft horse series. it is a shire from the UK. the shire is a very large horse and not well known here in the states. but it is a wonderful animal.
  15. Like Mother Like Daughter

    A friend of mine had a whole box of frames that she was getting rid of. She asked me if I wanted them and well… Yeah! There are some that will be too little for me to use, but I will do my best. So I have been going through some of the extra pictures that I had and making them fit some of...
  16. wooden coat rack and mirror

    Here is a coat rack I built for a friend. For the frame I used pine with half lap joints held together with dowels. I welded up some horseshoes and then etched the lettering onto the mirror.
  17. My version of the Ultimate Folding SawHorse

    While building my last project I dropped a 4'x8' sheet of plywood on my plastic saw horses; and that is the end of them. So I was/am in need of some new horses. This is my attempt at the shop dog. I really did only one thing that I can see different. Instead of strapping down the removable...
  18. Grandsons new hobby;

    Hey everyone, My grandson comes over alot in the evenings to spend with me while my Wife goes to work. On the weekends. he spends alot of time woith me. We try and do things together when health and time permits. This wekend I started to do more of the dried ferns and he was sitting there...
  19. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Most woodworkers that come to our plant enjoy a tour through our knife grinding room when we are able to do it. Obviously, because of time constraints we can't always give a tour. However, I thought that some of you Lumberjocks might like to see where we grind our molder knives and how we store...
  20. Blogs
    plane wall rack In my small shop space is hard to come buy so I decided to build something to hold my bench plans. This design was in Finewoodworking number 209. My wall wouldn't allow me the space to put the bottom shelf but it was easy enough to subtract it from the plans. The only real...
1-20 of 29 Results