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  1. Beer Swap 2019

    So as I sat there drinking my Red Breast trying to figure out what the hell to make for the swap this year… I looked up and saw the hops wall art I received in last years swap from Tom Regnier. It then dawned on my that I should figure out how to cast hops for a bottle opener handle. I had...
  2. 22 oz. Tote

    I made this out of Poplar and oak dowels holding the handle in, finished with satin spray lacquer. Gave this to a friend for his b-day, I also had a fun giving him a hard time when I realized he has the same initials as Tim Tebow. I took KnotCurser's advice this time and cut dado's rather than...
  3. Solid Walnut Mash Paddle

    This is a Mash Paddle that was ordered from a wonderful customer living in Salt Lake City, Utah. She ordered it because she wanted a great present for her Husband - that's the best project I can make because it makes at least three people happy if I do a good job; Me, Her and her Husband! :-)...
  4. Marketplace Classifieds
    I think this filter is pretty well known here but if not search it, Google it, or go here I bought the filter but decided to vent my DC outside before I actually ever used it so it's still new. Filter, lower...
  5. Woodworking Skill Share
    For those who may not yet be aware, there is an interesting new TV series that presents a variety of "Craftsmen" with various specialties, including woodworking and boat building. You can find a description of the series at the following site. Enjoy.
1-5 of 5 Results