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  1. Bespoke walnut coat hooks with engravings and maple inlays

    I made these bespoke coat hooks for a client. A simple design with work on the textures of the plates. All engravings and inlays were done using a CNC. A video of the entire build is available here : Cheers !
  2. Cherry Bed

    Cherry bed I made for my son. Plan is from "Woodsmith" 108.
  3. Coat Rack

    Very simple coat rack. I had the wood (walnut, ash) put together from a scrapped end table project and we needed a solution for hanging guests coats, so, I chose some fitting hooks and put it up.
  4. Coat Rack With Zipper Inlay

    I made this coat rack to match my room decor. I added zippers as inlays . Full tutorial at...
  5. Leash Holder

    Leash holders with a shelf for toys and poop bags. I made two of these, one for the front door and one for the back door. These were inspired from an image I came across on Pinterest. They were my first time using chalk paint. I liked using chalk paint it covers minors flaws in your project...
  6. Yet another butcher block table, now with hooks!

    This one is mahogany and cherry with some maple, padouk and. walnut highlights. The client wanted some hooks for hanging utensils, so that's what he got. I was pretty happy with how it turned out. I dominoed the top into the apron, which was alot of fun lining up but I figured it out eventually...
  7. hooks

    completed: march 2009 the handcut dovetails where extremely difficult, but i think they came out alright….. seriously…. four blocks of wood, four holes, four keyholes in the back, four knobs and oil finish = hooks for my daughter's room no woodworking feat, but iit was fun little project...
  8. Measurement Tools & Hooks Attached to Wall via French Cleats

    I thought I would kill two birds with one stone with this post. My son bought me these hooks that I wanted from Amazon: Installing the hooks onto a French Cleat is easy as shown by the last photo, just glue the...
  9. Shakey Wall Cabinet -or- Cupped Board Cupboard

    I built this little set of hanging shelves loosely based on a shaker design that I came across. The wood is reclaimed southern pine tongue and groove sub roofing from the dump. There are a also a few whitewood cleats on the back (not shown) cut from european manufactured pallets that I got free...
  10. Coat Hooks...big and small

    A set of coat hooks. Maple, stained to match existing furniture. Shellac and Poly. Needed this to be a quick project and wanted S4S lumber to start with so I went to a big box. Trying not to make that a habit but convenience won out on this one. Happy new year! Greg
  11. Hickory Pallet Wood Pot Rack, On A Strict Budget

    This was a project that was done for someone on a tight budget. It is made from all recycled material, except for the hooks. The wood was from a hickory pallet. The brackets were made from a piece of aluminum bar that was about to be tossed. The hanging bars are from left over copper pipe...
  12. Lathe Tool Chest

    My Lathe Tool Chest. Thanks for seeing.
  13. Cherry Crochet Hook Box

    This box is a Birthday gift for my Mom, she does a lot of Crochet Amigurumi (crochet figures) and wanted a good way to store her hooks. She has all kinds of hooks, metal ones, metal ones with handles and I make her some "fancy" wood ones (as she calls them). So I wanted to make her a nice box...
  14. What Took Me So Long

    Cabinet plans are from the Woodsmith Shop. All of the material used for the cabinet is pine that I discovered under a pile of leafs at a buddy's house. His dad had it milled up years ago and it was just sitting there rotting. I was able to...
  15. Entry Coat Hook Shelf & Decor

    I got this idea from the following website. They have many low cost, low effort, fun projects for which your wife will thank you. HOOK SHELF The top (shelf) is a 4.5' long 2×6. That is screwed through the top into the 4' long 2×8...
  16. Bits and Pieces: Shelves, Dust, and Hooks

    I haven't posted a project in a while, but I have been busy. We moved, so there was a need to set up a new shop, and then there were some household needs as well. Here are just a couple things I've been doing… Set up shop and installed dust collection: Built some floating shelves in the...
  17. Coat Rack

    These are two coat racks that I've recently made. Simple projects - but they were both wanted or needed by their recipients so… it was more of a "pleaser" project. The first was a Christmas gift, the second was for a co-worker who wanted one after she saw a picture of the first coat rack. The...
  18. Bandsaw Box - Curly Maple and Cherry

    I am relatively new to woodworking, it's been about a year. During the first few months I was in a bandsaw box phase. This box is one I made toward the end of that phase. It is made from curly/ambrosia maple and American cherry. The knobs are made from curly cherry.
  19. Coat Rack

    This plan features a Swans and roses coat rack or a Sunset coat rack. These coat racks are carved with a hand held rotary tool and a 5/16" carving bit. This fun and simple method of carving will enable even a novice to build something to be proud of. This can be built in an afternoon. Beautiful...
  20. Hand Tools
    Is there someplace that I can buy stencils or stickers of tool outlines for my pegboard. That would be great. I know that I could trace the tool and then paint it in but, I'm too lazy! :-D
1-20 of 26 Results