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  1. Maple Honey Pot

    Woodturned Honey Pot from Maple. The base is lightly coloured using Turmeric and the lid is the natural colour. Finished with Beeswax and Linseed Oil paste. 16cm Tall and 12cm Wide
  2. Honey Stick

    Remember those candy straws filled with honey? Who knew that Honeysuckle produced wood with the same golden yellow color? About 5 feet 6 inches tall, when I saw how the branches had grown together to make an interesting knot I knew it would make an interesting walking stick - if you hold it...
  3. Honey Dippers

    Just a couple of honey dippers that I made for my wife. She liked the padauk one too much to use it, so I made one out of maple. The soft red maple really had a hard time with the skew, and I had to redo the head of the dipper because of gouges. Thanks for looking!
  4. Bee Hive (10 Frame Langstroth)

    We decided to try beekeeping and I couldn't bring myself to buy something I could make myself. I have sketchup files and cut list if anyone would like them - pm me. Made 2 deep hive bodies and 20 frames from one 8' and one 6' 1×12, one 8' 2×6 and some scrap 2×4. Instead of the typical box or...
  5. 10' Birds Eye Maple Dinning Table

    I offered to build a ten foot dinning room table as a house warming present for my brother in law. We used a technique which cut down on the weight considerably. This technique consisted of using a resin coated honeycomb cardboard, which was one inch tall, for the center core of the table. This...
  6. Honeycomb Bench

    This project started out as a simple refinishing of a bench we use as a coffee table in our small living room. There was a country theme checkerboard painted on the top and had been half worn away from years of use (and abuse from the kids). I originally had just wanted to put a gold pecan stain...
  7. Turned Christmas Ornaments

    These are a couple ornaments I turned on my lathe. The first one is cedar and honey locust and the second one is oak and cedar.
  8. Focus on the Workspace
    I finally got tired of looking for the clamp cushions that are always falling off. So, I decided to turn them around. The one on the left is reversed. Now when they try to fall off, the bar blocks their escape ;-)
  9. Blogs
    Wenge and White Ash Table It's been a while since I posted any projects, so I figured I'd better do so before you all forget my name. I previously posted a Library stair unit, and this table is the accompaning piece of furniture to that. The client needed a...
  10. Woodworking Skill Share
    Hi, We're renovating our place which features a sunken living room. Problem is…the ceiling is also lowered, and there's an opening on wall, and a concrete construction beam (outlined in red ) that runs over it. We want to put crown moldings into the living room that are about 5" tall, but don't...
  11. Designing Woodworking Projects
    I am wanting to make a table that will seat 8. My wife's family congregates at our house most holidays and our table is too small. From my reading need 24 inches per person. With this in mind I should be able to pull this off with an 8 foot table length right? But I am confused about figuring...
  12. Woodturning
    I started turning again a couple of years ago after a thirty year hiatus and at the advice of several friends I purchased the Easy Wood turning tools. Has anyone tried and rejected the Easy Wood tools in favor of traditional turning tools, and if so, why? I apologize if this question is...
1-12 of 12 Results