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  1. Homemade clamps from wood

    Inspired by lumberjock Dave Rutan. Thanks Dave! I made these clamps from scrap pine and plywood. I also made the handles a bit over-sized for a better grip and added a nut to the end for a wrench during the times I need some extra clamping pressure.
  2. Blogs
    The bar and front jaw You can never have enough clamps, right? I have an odd assortment of bar clamps, including some homemade clamps I made from 25mm (1 Inch) square tubing and a few wooden clamps that work with wedges. I also have some cheap pipe clamps of which the back jaw keeps on...
  3. Blogs
    Wooden C_Clamps I have recently started using SketchUp after a few unsuccessful previous attempts. You Tube tutorials helped me this time round. I find SketchUp quite useful as it helps me to put ideas to virtual paper and it also helps to print out templates which came in quite handy with my...
1-3 of 3 Results