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  1. Hollow Vessel Turning

    This is my first attempt at hollow vessel turning. It started as a 10" long 7" diameter Redwood Burl veneer core log piece and this is how it ended up. I guess I could have made the neck opening a little smaller; however, I was more interested in learning technique at the time. I sanded up to...
  2. Offset Checkered Vessel

    First time to try this type of design. Pretty easy to make. I was curious how the end grain was going to react on this piece. It did fine; keep the tools very sharp! Made of Aspen and Hedge. Finished with super glue and buffed. Thanks for looking.
  3. Maple Chalice

    I had the opportunity to fix a failed project I attempted over a year ago. I had maple in my yard from a tree that I had cut down a few years ago. This was before my interest in woodworking really bloomed and I, unfortunately, did not know to seal the logs. Most cracked over time, but I had a...
  4. Orange Spalted Box Elder Burl Mini Vessel Set

    My latest mini hollow vessel set. Orange Spalted Box Elder Burl. All vessels are about 3" x 3" x 3". All C&C welcome.
  5. Blue dyed and woodburned Box Elder vessel

    This is an experiment in woodburning and coloring of a vessel. I like parts of this but think parts can be changed for the better. What kind of critique do you guys have for me?
  6. Orange Box Elder Burl vessel set

    I recently finished up this small vessel set out of some of the amazing Orange Box Elder Burl that Jonathan Medina scored a little while back. These vessels are 3" x 3" and have no foot, the natural edge burl cap is the base for these pieces. They are finished with Grit and Sheen.
  7. Silver maple hollow vessel - Fire

    This silver maple hollow vessel turned out better than I first thought it would. The finish is layered aniline dyes starting with black, then red, and yellow. The top coat is gloss lacquer. Thanks for looking. Your comments are always welcome!
  8. Hollow Walnut Vessel

    A little hollowed walnut vessel. About 6" in diameter and 3" tall. The spiral texture was gold leafed. The finish is brushed on gloss poly. Mimi says it looks like a flying saucer! Guess I'm going to have to stop watching those old late-night Sci-Fi movies. Turned completely with Easy Wood...
  9. Hollow Vessel, Silver Maple

    This silver maple hollow vessel is dyed using the method described in LJ - Trifern's blog - 2 DYE 4. I dyed 6 items and this one turned out the best. Black then red then yellow aniline dye. The topcoat is clear lacquer. Thanks for looking. I'll post pics of the other 5 items soon.
  10. Burr oak, hollow vessel, dyed

    Nothing fancy with this small turning. The dying technique gave moderate results. Thanks for looking.
  11. Silver maple, hollow vessel, dyed

    Silver maple dyed black, green, and yellow. Next time I'd sand more aggressively in between dye color to get more contrast.
  12. Chip carved hollow vessel

    6" wide by 3-1/4" high, basswood hollow vessel, chip carved Any comments or questions you have are welcome!
  13. Genii's Bottle

    This is one of a group of proto types the black is soot from my wood stove it is finished with poly. It was coopered then carved.
  14. Peace and Freedom

    This was a torch coopered and carved Represents what the Olympics could be with out political influence. In the true essence of competition let the games begin.
  15. Dyed Hollow Vessel

    This is a hollow vessel that I have made for a Christmas gift for our best friends. I made this from maple that was cut down 2 days prior to it hitting the lathe. It was finished with dye and a semi gloss lacquer. The vessel stands 6" tall and is 8" at its widest point. The top opening is 1...
  16. Lidded Cup

    After being away from my lathe for 2 1/2 years, this piece was most frustrating and took twice as long to complete as it should have. The first disaster was when it came unglued from its glueblock and flew across the room after the outside had been finish sanded and I was about a third of the...
  17. Hollow Vessel, Chip Carved, Celtic Knot

    Basswood hollow vessel, 6" diameter x 4 " high Chip carved Celtic Knot pattern designed with the Celtic Knot Font Nutmeg gel stain Thanks for looking!
  18. New Zealand Matai Hollow Vessel

    Pete, this is what I did with that piece of Matai you sent me from New Zealand. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!! This is a hollow vessel that is hollow within 1/4" of the bottom but I did not hollow through that little hole. It was made in 2 pieces and assembled and turned. The finial ( if you can call it...
  19. Hollow vessel

    This is a hollow vessel made of oak and walnut.
  20. Blogs
    David Marks Turns a 400 Pound Hollow Vessel! View on YouTube I met with David Marks while he was still in the early stages of his greatest woodturning project (yet!). He showed my the specialized lathe tools he uses for very large hollow vessel turnings and some of his woodturning tricks...
1-20 of 26 Results