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  1. Tiz the season - which one should I hang on the tree?

    Two ornaments I made using crushed mother of pearl from imaginlay fun stuff and easy to use and now I am conflicted on which to hang on the tree.
  2. 6 Simple Gifts You Can Make From Wood

    With the holidays just around the corner, it's inevitably time to start thinking of Christmas gifts. As a woodworker and DIY enthusiast, I like to include some handmade gifts in the mix. This year I made 6 simple gifts you can make from wood: #1 Baltic Birch Plywood Ring #2 Catch all #3...
  3. 4 Holiday Gifts Ideas You can Make

    With all of us spending more time at home this year, I find myself spending time in the kitchen and cooking more than ever before. That why I decided to dedicate this year's DIY-holiday-gifts-you-can-make-out-of-wood edition to gifts for the kitchen. I made everything out of scraps of Ash wood...
  4. Holiday Gifts You Can Make

    Every year I make a few handmade gifts for family, and every year I try to come up with new and exciting ideas. Not always easy! - The first year I tried to keep them very basic; things that can be made fairly quickly and easily (watch the 2019 holiday gifts here) - The second year I went with...
  5. Blogs
    Eagle America Holiday Bowl This project was a gift. The woods chosen were 2 pieces of maple with a piece of cherry laminated in between. The project was created using a template from Eagle America. After the glue up, the template was set on top of the wood blank and the pattern traced onto...
1-6 of 6 Results