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  1. Taper Gauge

    Had to post this to go along with my other project. I bought a reamer from The Windsor Institute. I was a little worried when I got it because I didn't have the measurements for the taper that would be required to fit into the reamed hole. I e-mailed Mike Dunbar, the Dean of the Institute, to...
  2. Outdoor Storage Chest

    This is my first woodworking project in years. Trying to get back in the swing of things with limited space (no room for a table saw). This was constructed almost entirely of pocket hole (Kreg) joinery on 1×4's. I wanted to keep it a light as possible. Used a pre-stain conditioner on pine then a...
  3. Misc things I've built.

    Ok. A lot going on here, First off the Jig is a 45 Degree angle jig that I built this week end, so far it works great, The next Pic is the carrage for the CNC router Mill that I am going to attempt to build from the Shop notes magazine. The three boxes are Plyo metric boxes used for exercise and...
  4. Cornhole Boards

    These are my first cornhole boards. 2×4 frame (planed to 1 1/8") glued and screwed to a 3/4" birch top. Did a slight round-over on the top as well. Made a positive-location jig to router the holes. Cut a ledge in the legs to support the board on them directly. I didn't want the carriage bolt on...
  5. My first Bean Bag Boards

    A friend asked if I could step away from the furniture for long enough to build a pair of bean bag boards with a Harley Davidson theme. The boards were simple, but paint. OMG, I had no idea what I go myself into. I had them all painted before I realized that you can't just put ANY clear coat...
  6. Second attempt at bean bag boards

    My first set was a painting disaster. Had to read up on paint do's and DON'TS. Turns out I had the "don'ts" down pretty well….... and it showed. This time the paint went on and stayed on much better. I used a Kreg pocket hole jig so there are no visible holes to fill and construction of the...
  7. How an impatient noob installs a 6" vise on his bench

    I have needed a vise on my bench for so long. When I say so long I mean forever. When I say forever I mean 8 months, when I started working wood in the first place. My recent attempt at jointing edges without a proper vice (thats some home milled black mulberry btw): This clamping madness...
  8. Custom logo corn hole boards

    Here are some mini corn hole boards. I custom cut the logo from vinyl. Still need to put a coat of poly on it for that great sliding effect, but they are mainly done. Check out the video on how I made these.
  9. A hole drilling jig

    Made this jig to drill cribbage boards, but would work for anything needing evenly spaced holes I used a box joint jig to create 1/4" dados 3/8" deep in 3" x 24" 4/4 poplar. I glued a "cap" on top to hopefully keep the fingers from breaking off and glued that to a scrap piece of plywood. To...
  10. Another Outdoor Morris Chair ( Finally )

    I learned alot from the first build - like shelac based primer to seal the knots. On the first chair I used 1" dowel rod to secure the adjustable back support. This chair I used 1/2" bolt's painted to match the scheme with a wing nut. Much easier to adjust the reclining back positions with this...
  11. Hawthorne again

    Natural edge turning made from Hawthorne 5" tall and 5" across. I so much enjoyed making the first one that I went and turned this one
  12. Rubber ball drilling jig

    As discussed in a recent thread, I needed to find a way to safely drill holes in rubber balls to put on the end of a child's drumsticks. After receiving lots of suggestions from my fellow Jocks, I ended up a) freezing the balls and b) making a rubber ball sandwich. The freezing (chest freezer...
  13. Can Organiser Unit

    I have been collecting a lot of small cans of finish weather it being a quart size or smaller so I decided to design and build this and in so I used a Kreg Pin hole jig for the first and I have to say it performed admirably. It does the job .
  14. Furnace Door Handle

    The neighbor bought a wood burner stove for his home. The thingamajig used to open the door and vent doors had a ceramic covering on it which broke. He asked if I could make a wooden handle. Some scrap bloodwood, oak, and lacewood fixed it. Thanks for looking.
  15. Carolina Panthers corn hole boards

    Mini corn hole boards. Designed for the fan of the Carolina Panthers football team. Hand cut decal out of vinyl. Here is a video on making them.
  16. Deep hole drill

    A while back there was some discussion about making a drill longer than currently available. I made this one 40 years ago. I had never seen a wood tip on a drill in any store I had ever been in. Not sure if there were any WW specialty stores or not. Never thought about it. Lumber yards and...
  17. Barnwood Karate Belt Holder

    This karate belt holder was requested from a friend for Christmas. I finally delivered it yesterday. I hope they enjoy it. The construction is very basic. The wood is from a barn in Maryland. I cleaned up the boards with several light passes through the planer on the show side. On the...
  18. Camoflauge Corn hole board game

    Here I made some camoflauge corn hole boards. The boards are "military" camo and the bags are "huning" camo. Thanks for looking.
  19. Bedside Step Stool

    This is my experimental project using my new Kreg pocket hole jig. My wife asked me to make a bedside step stool for her Mom on a recent visit to our home. The project is made from faux cherry finished alder and Brazilian cherry trim. Frame and panel construction with pocket hole joinery.
  20. stool

    a nice week end project i have created dog seems to like it just woundered what u think?
1-20 of 40 Results