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  1. Drill Press Sharpening Jigs and Techniques

    Here's a jig I made to sharpen chisels and gouges at the drill press using readily available material. More photos and all details on this page of my blog. Best, Serge

    One last easy project for this year - walnut candle holders made of walnut leftovers. Holes made on drillpress, 40mm diameter, finish wood oil…..some straight shapes , some odd…
  3. Mission style Sofa

    Largest project I've mad so far. Extremely proud of this piece. I took up upholstery so I could make them myself, having them done professionally would have been too expensive. QSWO from plans from the web site. Paul
  4. Messin' with mahogany

    Just like every other woodworker out there, I have a few last minute gifts that needed to be done. I unfortunatly have to work on Christmas eve, so everything had to be cut and taken to work to be finished. This is the first time I have ever messed with mahogany and I must say, it is a surprise...
  5. Spalted Siberan Elm Bowl

    The beginnings of this bowl are referenced in my blog entry here: I'm fairly happy with the form, which was the part I was least certain about going into it. The wood is gorgeous and I'd love to get my hands on more of it. This was my first shot at...
  6. Movable Chisel Holders

    Chisel racks made from scrap pieces from a packing crate. Wood was hand planed to about 3/8" thick. Holes on top are 1/2" diameter. Overall size is 12" across, 7" high, 1 5/8" wide plus French cleats and bottom pieces of 3/8" wide. Front bottom piece is 2 1/4" high - just enough to cover tips of...
  7. Business card and Smart phone holders from dunnage

    I had some scraps of wood left over and was trying to figure out what do make with them. The wife said she was going to go buy some business card holders for her cards at the craft shows we go to. BINGO!!! I made a few and they worked great…one more thing in the repertoire. We sold some so I...
  8. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I can't be the only one that has a slew of allen wrenches loose in a drawer… am I Anyone have an idea or two??
  9. Hand Tools
    I have a Stanley card scraper that I have had for years and I have had no luck sharpening it in the conventional method. (With a burnishing tool.) I have sharpened my other card scraper with a burnishing tool and it is easy to do and works well but not the Stanley. A friend, recently told me...
  10. Scrollsawing
    I have an older Delta scroll saw that uses two little clamps with Allan head bots to hold onto the pin-less blades. No matter how tight I get them, (I've bent cheap wrenches and snapped good ones doing so), they refuse to hold onto the blade. I'm pretty sure I am not over tensioning the...
1-10 of 10 Results