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  1. Woodturned tealight candle holder

    I turned this Tealight Candle Holder from a piece of Spalted Horse Chestnut.
  2. chisel holder

    saw this project in popular woodworking magazine and decided to give it a shot
  3. Square and tool holder

    For this project, my inspiration came from another lumberjock project I saw in passing, but I have not been able to find again. I have some delicate incra rules that will become ruined if I did not fix the situation regarding about how I store them in my garage… Therefore, after I saw the...
  4. Screw Case

    I had a bit of spare Birch plywood left over from a previous project and since I didn't have anywhere to put screws in an organized fashion I decided to make this. Nothing too fancy, I made it something like the old library card holders that you would see before the age of computers. With eight...
  5. New iPad holder

    This iPad holder was a leftover cutting board from the holidays. It had developed a crack along a joints and I didn't fix it for a while, then it just sat on my bench. Now it's a walnut, hard maple, ash, and curly maple iPad holder.
  6. Martial Arts Sword Holder

    This is a custom request. He wanted a sword holder for his martial arts practice swords, but he wanted it different than the typical sword holder found online. The ones online have holders made from a single plank with a "S" type cut outs to hold the swords. In mine I used 45 degree...
  7. Card wallet

    I made this credit card wallet from bubinga and ash. It uses two rare earth magnets to keep it closed, ash did not do well with the thin walls around the magnet. But, it still works, so…
  8. First Candle Thingy

    A friend of mine just bought her first house. I told her I would make her a small gift. Hopefully she likes these candle holders. The ends are made of Padauk, and the main boards are Bocote. It was a fairly simple project, but I was hoping to make something that would work with almost any...
  9. dispovable glove holders

    well I wasn't going to even post these because I didn't think it was worth the post but then I though, its shop improvement day so why not,maybe someone will appreciate always looking for my disposable gloves so a couple weeks ago I solved that problem with a glove box holder,and made 3 of...
  10. Candle holder

    Disregard this pic. I uploaded a newer one that is upright.
  11. chisel holder

    Made this thing out of cheap wood from Lowe's :). Pretty happy with the result. It works well with my $18 set of chisels! (I have upgraded my tools considerably since then)
  12. Custom candle holder

    Disregard this pic. I uploaded a newer one that is upright.
  13. small candle holder

    Sorry, I forgot to take a final picture of this before I gave it away. Just a small votive candle holder made from oak I cut.
  14. Cupcake holder for Special Events

    I built a few of these for weddings and graduation parties this year. Very simple, quick and cheap. They look great when loaded with deliciousness!!!! Plywood circles cut out using my shop built band saw jig, a few pieces of 3" PVC pipe, a length of threaded rod, some nuts and washers and (2)...
  15. Greenwood candle stick holder

    Made this out of some random green wood I found. Sealed it with a golden oak stain. I dried it in the microwave, multiple 30 second intervals. It worked out pretty well.
  16. Goblet candle stick holder

    Made this out of an old fence post - at least 40 years old.
  17. Key holder

    I got tired of losing all my keys… Not a bad idea, eh? Now I just need to find a place to put it!
  18. Just another candle holder

    I had a request for a candle holder with no oil, finish or stain. It is also the first time I used my jaw chuck on my lathe. Anyone know what kind of wood this is? I forgot to check :/ I love the grain though.
  19. Natural edge candle holder save

    I took a log cutoff that was cracked pretty good and was making a natural edge candle holder when a section of the bark flew off. I wasn't worried about the visible cracks as they would be covered by a candle. I started to throw it away but laid it on the table instead. I went on to something...
  20. Last one I swear!!!... probably.

    Some more crud wood from Lowe's. Based on the other's comments it may be some kind of pine??? This is the first piece I used my drill bit tailstock with. That thing is so cool… I used an oil finish to see what it would look like. Oh, and that is probably the only time I'll light a candle in...
1-20 of 343 Results