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  1. Stanley Cup Turnings

    Living in California there aren't a lot of hockey fans around. After seeing Superdad's profile picture of him in a Leafs sweater I decided that at least one person might appreciate me sharing these two pieces. ;-) I did the wine stopper the other day while cranking out a few pieces for an...
  2. Candy Cart

    Sometimes you just feel the need to make something just because you want to. And that's OK. There used to be a lady at work who would keep the office stocked up on candy. Kelly the Candy Lady, I would call her. I even made up a candy sign to keep at her desk. I then thought it would be neat to...
  3. Hockey Stick Headboard

    Most recent project, made it from some old bunk bed wood and some hockey sticks i found and broke this year.
  4. Hockey Outfit Dryer

    My son's play hockey. The hockey clothes stink. So I build a box for them to put their sweaty gear into which has a drying fan. The carcass is 4×4 redwood. The panels are nice veneered plywood. The top compartment has a "fake" bottom so that air can circulate underneath.
  5. Hockey Puck Shelf

    I made this hockey puck shelf to display your favourite hockey pucks or autographed hockey pucks. I also made the poster in photoshop and gave it an on ice look. For a how to video and free plans for this project click on Video Link: Check out my YouTube channel Rosewood59 for more projects...
  6. Hockey Stick Dream Desk

    Made from some plywood for the base material with hardboard on top. The sticks were glued on with some industrial adhesive on top and the canada flag had been composed from pine and dyed curly maple veneer, iron pressed on top of some plywood. Hockey is our game!!
  7. Hockey Name Sign

    Made this for a co-worker's son out of half inch birch plywood. Designed in sketch-up and cut with Shaper Origin.
  8. Eagle and avalanche

    I cut this eagle with my delta scroll saw. It was 70ish pieces. Measures roughly 22"×18". Cut from baltic birch ply and birch ply. Spray painted and some hand painting. The avalanche logo was 16 pieces with a toothpick pictured in the center to show sizing.
  9. Hockey Jersey Case

    Well, this is my first attempt at "wood working" since 7th grade shop class. I received a table saw for Christmas last year and I needed a project to learn how to use it. I wanted a black case to display one of my high school hockey jerseys. Eventually plan to make a second for my college...
  10. Hockey lovers... wall coat rack

    For the hockey lovers! all hooks are from hockey sticks and pucks add a nice accent. all mounted on a piece of old growth pine.
  11. Hockey Bed

    This is the hockey bed i made for my two year old son. Parts made with real dasher plastic from the rink boards and net is actually from an old hockey net.
  12. Hockey Puck Holder

    Had a few hockey pucks sitting around and figured it would be cool to frame them. I tried putting them in a goalie stick's blade using a hole 3" hole saw, but didn't like the end result. Ended up using the hockey sticks as a frame instead. Showed the wife and now I have an order in for our...
  13. Dresser top valet Xmas gift for my brother

    We do a secret Santa and my family every year for Christmas, this year I had my brother. I decided to make something one you got me into the shop and didnt cost me that much. My brother is an avid New York Rangers fan, and we do a secret Santa with my family every year for Christmas, this year I...
  14. Hockey Stick Picture Frame

    Made this with a couple broken sticks.
  15. Hockey Shelf with CNC'd Lithopane

    So, I used to play a lot of hockey before life started to get in the way. Once you start paying a mortgage and having kids you have to let some stuff go. I came across a few of my hockey sticks the other day so I cut two of them up and make a novelty shelf for my son's room. There's really not...
  16. Hockey Stick Coffee Table #1

    Made this for a business contest all hand cut pieces from sticks from a hockey season and some laying around my garage…ended up selling it for $200.00 after i added cross braces and a shelf on the legs…was tough to make and even harder to give away…
  17. Hockey Stick Stool

    This was my first hockey stick material made project. I had made it just with a handsaw and assembled it with some screws and made it two years back in grade 9 during exam break and sold it for a $50 to a friend. This was the same year i broke 12 hockey sticks in a season lol
  18. Hockey Stick Coffee Table #2

    My second table i made, with a combination of broken futon wood and some plain hockey sticks i got from a old hockey stick factory. The centre of it was painted from scratch with one of my raw goalie sticks also from the factory, and all the table cuts were made with a handsaw.
  19. The Hockey Stick Corkboard

    2nd project i made…got the idea of a corkboard from my old hockey coach, just bought some 1'X1' cork squares and built a frame around it and attached it all to sheet of plywood.
  20. Hockey Stick Head Board

    Custom headboard made from Hockey Sticks.
1-20 of 33 Results