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  1. Journal Woodworking Heroes - Juliette Caron

    Yesterday, I posted a short historic tribute to the first female French Carpenter - Juliette Caron. She was one of the first to adopt the slogan - women are makers too. If you would like to view the video, click on
  2. Projects Santa from Start to Finish

    This Santa began with a sketch on a block of wood. The wood was 3 x 6 x 12 inch basswood. I next cut it out with a bandsaw. Then I started the time-consuming removal of waste wood. I didn't take photos of the santa clamped to my workbench so I could use by gouges on it. Because of...
  3. Pressure-treated frames for local history murals

    I am our small town's (Fairbury, Illinois, pop. 3,800) historian, and lead our community improvement group. We wanted to make local history "come alive" by displaying murals of famous people or events. We got the front of a storage building on Main Street painted with white and grey trim. This...
  4. Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Shield - Royal Edition

    This is yet another fraternity shield that I made using only royal purple and old gold. it is the first of its kind. It is made of my "old reliable" pine plywood (recycled). The size is 18". I always try to to something new. As for the background, I like to use natural elements as a background...
  5. Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Shield - Camo Special Edition

    This is yet another fraternity shield that I made. It is made of 3/4 pine plywood (recycled). This one had an interesting story behind it! Originally, I spray painted it with brown spray paint (after sanding and priming), as an easy way to out line shields that were to be made at a future date...
  6. Carved Folk-Art Walking Cane; "The Greatest Story Ever Told" Story Stick with Scrimshaw Artwork

    ----------------------------- This walking cane was a commissioned piece, and so it has been Sold Cane Serial Number #2008-29 Height: 38 inches Welcome Surfers: If you are surfing looking for a special walking cane on the internet, go toward the bottom of this posting where you'll find a...
  7. Mastermyr Chest, upgraded

    My other hobby is viking age reenactment, The Mastermyr chest find is one of the most complete links back to the history of woodworking, Blacksmiths pay a lot of attention to it because they can recreate the tools found within, but the tools in the chest were not just for working steel, but wood...
  8. Ulfhednar

    The legendary warrior of the North, the wolf man - ulfhednar. Made from hazel. As the option is part of a set of chess Hnefatafl
  9. Mitre gauge handle

    Well, I got this new saw, after I got my new saw (long story) and in the process of getting my new saws the mitre gauge handle had some intimate contact with the floor, the result being a broken handle. After some swearing I started to process some ideas for a new handle. I got these short...
  10. The wooden figure of slavic prince

    The second attempt to make a figure of Prince Rogvolod-the legendary ruler of Polotsk Principality. Viking invited to rule. Lived a hundred years after Ragnar Lothbrok. Material - basswood, danish oil golden oak, wax
  11. Wooden Viking

    Happy new year! The first figurine in the new year. The second Viking from the mini set. Want to make a Earl and a few warriors.
  12. Cypress Timber Table

    A Cypress timber with an authentic hand hewn tip that measures 9"x13-1/2"x 46" is used to make this table. This timber was reclaimed off a bridge, circa 1880, located just north of New Orleans. We wanted to preserve the original integrity and character of the wood by leaving it natural with an...
  13. Odin. Two variants

    Made two figures Odin, in the image of a warrior and a wanderer. When cut that with a spear was reading storm, thunder, tons of lightning)) Very exciting, took it as approval. Wood-cedar, 13 cm. danish oil dark walnut.
  14. Salvaging History

    I am looking for free or decently priced barns/barnwood/beams. I am making my own furniture as I love to work with my hands and my budget is next to nothing :D I am starting with my bed frame which I have detailed plans for. Along the way I would love y'alls advice and any thoughts or ideas on...
  15. Omega Psi Phi Shields - Cherry Edition

    These came from a special request. Normally I paint these and seldom stain them. They are approx 18" in size. When I do, I prefer using golden oak, but the cherry stain worked well. I finished it with poly, but I bought a can of shellac and will test the finish on some new pieces. If you are...
  16. From Timber Beam to Table

    I salvaged this huge 8 foot long 8×10 timber beam during my renovations a couple years ago. I just couldn't let the construction crew toss it in the dumpster (and I'm sure they were happy to let me keep it and save on the weight). I finally came up with an idea to turn it into a side table. I...
1-20 of 100 Results