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  1. Mountain Ash Walking Stick

    The found wood for this walking stick comes from a backyard mountian ash trimming. Often very usable wood is sitting close by but we don't always notice it. The handle is made from a elk antler , the first year elk grow straight antler , the antlers grow as 2 single spikes known locally as a '...
  2. Vine Twist Walking Stick

    Materials Vine Twist Box Alder [Manitoba Maple] Stick Brass Pear Top Brass Collar Brass Bottom Cap Satin Poly Finish 37 Inches Tall
  3. Spruce Burl Hiker

    Materials Wood - Spruce Leather Lanyard Brass Bottom Cap Satin Poly Finish Dark Walnut Stain Ball Compass 53 inches This stick not only has burls, it was also damaged by bark beetles, which can be seen in the 6th photo.
  4. Birch Hiker

    Materials Wood - Paper Bark Birch Compass Brass bottom Tip Leather lanyard Satin Poly Finish 54 inches
  5. Beaver Cut Diamond Willow 2

    Materials Wood - Diamond Willow Satin Poly Finish Brass Bottom Tip 57 inches I wish to thank the beaver that choose this stick.
  6. Door Knob Hiker

    Just thought I'd try something a little different . Antique glass door knob tops a diamond willow shaft . 3 diamonds make a band around the shaft were left with thier bark in place - why ? - I don't know , just did . The bottom is tipped with a brass tip . These tips are getting very hard to...
  7. Y-Handle Hiker

    Y- handle hiking stick made from found wood . I think 'ovr da pond there' these are refered to as a 'market stick' , where you can rest your crossed arms in the Y while you haggle over the price of a Smithwick's. I make a taller version that can be used as a shooting stick [for those black...
  8. Cork Tree Hiking Stick [Found Wood]

    When I stumbled across this stick I had never heard of or seen this wood - cork tree - before . It grows at the water's edge it was heavy and took forever to dry , but once dry was light as a feather . The bark is like ,, well ,, cork , kind of soft and looks like cork . I didn't do much to this...
1-10 of 10 Results