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  1. Projects Chapin Highchest

    WiIl Neptune discovered that Eliphat Chapin had used the Ionic Order to design the original high chest in the late 1700's. I was not allowed to measure the original chest so I followed Will's description of the design. The height of the chest to the top of the crown molding is 72" (not the swan...
  2. Miniature Highboy

    Miniature Highboy Plans and instruction provided by Steve Hamilton and Jeff Headley at the Woodworking Workshop of the Shenandoah Valley in Winchester, VA Wood: Cherry Height: 29" Legs: Cabriole, cut with bandsaw and shaped with rasp, file, spokeshave, scrapers. Feet: Trifid, carved with...
  3. Curly Cherry Highboy

    This is probably the piece of furniture that got me most interested in woodworking years ago. In 1976 during the Bi-Centennial, two friends, my wife at 5 months into her pregnancy of our first child and I went to Williamsburg, Monticello and Philadelphia for vacation. While in Philadelphia we...
  4. Bonnet Top - Walnut Highboy

    Hi guys, It's been awhile since I've posted but now you can see why, here are my latest two projects. This is the Queen Anne Highboy from The New Yankee Workshop. After making the cherry lowboy last year, I figured this was the next big challenge. The next post is the matching Lowboy. I...
  5. Vase, by Nairi Safaryan

    This Vase is carved from a single piece of boxwood. Stay Connected! Facebook: Pinterest: Twitter:
  6. Bonnet Top Highboy in Genuine Mahogany

    Here is this years pride and joy! After I finished the Lowboy, I was ready for another challenge. I originally wanted to build another lowboy, in a different species, but started contemplating a Highboy. So I ordered the plan from New Yankee, and a set of legs, and here it is. Every aspect...
  7. Matching mahogany highboy and lowboy Dresser

    This solid mahogany pair was made about 5 years apart. The highboy was made first. It was my first try at carving. It is also the first piece of furniture I made. The design came from a Fine Woodworking magazine. All drawers are dovetailed with solid oak sides and backs. The finish is water...
  8. Highboy

    Been a while since I've posted anything, so I figured I'd jump back into the game with my latest project. Took about a full year to get it done, since I only get a couple hours each weekend in the shop. (That and some health problems kept me out of the shop for a while as well.) Anyway, this is...
  9. Connecticut Flat Top Highboy

    OK OK, So It is complete except the fan carvings which I have been fretting over… I have never done fan or shell carving before, and have been practicing, I'm ready to make the jump to the real thing… So this Highboy is from multiple designs…by Dennis Preston, with modifications to some of the...
  10. Queen Anne Highboy Boston

    Solid Curly Soft Maple. Secondary woods are Eastern White Pine and Yellow Birch. Based on a Boston piece made by Benjamin Frothingham ( a general in the revolutionary war and friend of George Washington). Piece is over 7.5 feet tall.
  11. Hand Tools
    I have a Jackson backsaw that I picked up a few weeks ago that the handle is loose on. The medallion came loose fine but the other split nut will not come loose as it is spinning inside of the hole. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  12. Focus on the Workspace
    This came from Popular Woodworking Magazine online. It doesn't make sense to me. If Gale did not make a high quality piece, some one else must have. Who? Why is his name...
  13. Finishing
    I finished sanding 3 cutting boards and began applying straight mineral oil several days ago. After a several applications, the oil was beginning to wick out through the bottom of the boards. So I turned them over and applied oil to that surface too. Now, when I handle the boards, they wick...
  14. Joinery
    I always called a notch cut in the edge of wood a Rabbit. But, I remember reading somewhere that there is a different name for a Rabbit that goes cross the grain. I think it started with an F. What is its correct name?
  15. Woodworking Skill Share
    I'm looking for a video, pictorial, or step-by-step procedure for duplicating the serpentine cove molding on bonnet-top chests or highboys. Mostly interested in pre-machine age methods, not Popular Mechanics router and jigs type of woodworking. Thanks for your help!!
  16. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    The title is pretty self explanatory. I would like to do some pen turning, at least try my hand at it… Other than a lathe which I have, what tools do I need, and where can I get some instruction on the process? Actually it's not just pens, but pens, shaving sets, etc… I have a mess of small...
  17. Safety in the Woodworking Shop
    I need to cut 1/4" thick slats for a baby cradle. How can I do this safely on a table saw with no splitter or riving knife? The last time I tried it, I felt like I was a target at skeet range.
1-17 of 17 Results