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  1. Projects Axe handle fitting

    I will buying an axe handle for my true temper wood slasher axe head. The handle is oversized for tighter fit inside the eye. Axe head eye dimensions are 7/8 tapered to 5/16 with 3 ridges and 2 1/2 inches long. Will post pictures after I complete the handle to fit.
  2. Hand Held Mirrors Using My 3D Pantograph

    For years my wife has used a little mirror from her compact to see the back of her head while doing her hair. While pondering what to make for her this Christmas I decided she needed a mirror upgrade. I made two, one for her, and one for the wife of my glass guy who made me a dozen mirrors in...
  3. Bread boards/cutting boards

    I put these together for Christmas presents, I like contrasting woods I hope the relatives do also. The woods are cherry,walnut, maple, hickory, teak (thought it was mahogany until I cut it, to late) and oak. I had already started the boards when I read a comment from someone about oak being...
  4. Hickory steering wheel for 1963 Corvette

    I used an old cheap foam steering wheel I had laying around for the core. I cut 18 sections to form the wheel and another set of splines to go between all the sections. I had an accident and ruined a couple of sections while using the router and had to re-register everything to make the repair...
  5. Keurig Coffee Holder

    This is a Keurig coffee holder I made to store the coffee and tea the family likes to drink. I decided to make it out of left over hickory from another project. I made it with three shelves, one for each family member. Basic simple design with a lacquer finish. This is the second type box for...
  6. Three turned pens

    Just thought I would share 3 pen that were order for me to make. The first is Maple and I guess it may be partly curly Maple, I don't know. The middle one is Hickory followed by an Olive wood pen. Thanks for looking!
  7. Tables

    Inspired by David J Marks. Size 48" diameter 30" Tall. I am still finishing The long table it is 96 " x 33" x 30" Made of hickory
  8. Hickory Bowl With Pyrography

    Here's a hickory bowl I recently finished. It is 13×5 and finished with walnut oil. This is my first time doing pyrography on a turning. I used a propane torch to scorch the smoother sections and a basket weave nib to burn the pattern into the piece. If you want to see the process, you can...
  9. Walnut Slice BS Box

    This is from a tree cut on the property last year. This was one of those projects that I wanted to be really good and it just never seemed to make it. I did learn a lot from making this and the one thing I learned is to make them a lot smaller. I am still learning and this was one of those...
  10. Swan neck bow saw

    I purchased the hardware from Gramercy Tools ( The stretcher is cherry wood, the swan neck cheeks are hickory (the wood Gramercy uses for their build). The handles and the toggle are from a wood pile of "domestic cutoffs" at Woodcraft. It's a light wood with prominent...
  11. Clock2

    Like the other clock, this one was also a wedding gift. I personally like this one better. It's a much simpler style and I enjoy the drawer detail. I believe I made it from hickory. (Sorry If pic is grain, Used my ipod again.)
  12. Hickory Mallets

    Finally decided it was time to make my own… Spent yesterday making this pair out of hickory. I will still add a leather face to one face of each mallet and most likely coat them with some tung oil. They are not dead blow, just solid hickory.
  13. TV Stand

    Made this tv stand out of Hickory and Dark walnut. The circles are inlayed Dark Walnut.
  14. Table Saw Router Extension

    Since I have a small shop, I had to optimize my space and take advantage of the Biesemeyer fence's accuracy and make it do double duty. My girlfriend's dad helped me route out the plate recess in his big shop. It was quite the bonding experience. We made a template so that I can make...
  15. Hickory standing desk / drafting table

    Hello fellow lumberjocks! I'm new here and I'm looking forward to learning more from all of you and continuing to hone my woodworking skills. Here's a hickory standing desk / drafting table that I finished a couple days ago: Here's a short video: View on YouTube
  16. Harry Potter Wand

    Harry Potter Wand week. I am making 4 Harry Potter wands for Nieces in Oregon. These are the first two. I have the wand portion done all I need to do is turn the handles on the other two. Plenty of time to complete them before my trip in July. All the wand portions are off center concentrate...
  17. A place to contemplate recycling

    One day at work, I was asked to take a fake xmas tree to the dumpster, so I did, but the tree was a really nice one and I thought why put it in the dumpster, someone would probably like it. So I left it beside the dumpster and couple of hours later it was gone. A couple days later I was taking a...
  18. Hickory End Grain Cutting Board

    Building a Hickory Dining Table and needed a mental break from that. So I took all my scraps and cutoffs glued them up, cut em, and glued em again! And here you have the result. My favorite part of this project, and any project really, is picking, and matching grain. In this case it was to come...
  19. Yep, more cutting boards

    I put together a few more cutting boards for Christmas. The Paddle style boards are for my siblings, made from a 24"x24" cutting board my dad used to use to cut up homemade pastas. I've had to add cherry to the boards to make them large enough so that each sibling got a portion dad's board...
1-20 of 500 Results