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  1. my turnings i've done over the year

    these are some of my turnings i did while i was meant to be revising 4 my GCSE's.
  2. Photographing our Projects

    A few have asked me about how I photograph my projects. I will give a simple run down on how I do it. It may not help everyone, as I have some equipment that most people don't. I'll post a few of my most recent boxes and tell you how I shot them. I like to "feather the light on my subjects...
  3. Castle De Bryce -n- Brock

    This is a bed I built for my Boys a few years ago. I had just got divorced and the kids were pretty stressed about having to split time between the X's house and mine. I built this bed for them to help ease their pain. Turned out pretty good too if I say so myself!!! I got the design from...
  4. Pine Chest

    This was my first real attempt at a woodworking project. I made this chest for my wife as a Christmas present in 2005 while I was stationed in Germany. I didn't have any tools at the time, but the Army post I worked at had a woodworking shop that was available for us Soldiers to use.
  5. Center Piece Candle Holder

    I ran across this candle holder in woodsmith magazine #182. My original thought was to make this out of a nice, figured, piece of curly maple that I had been saving for a small project like this. After getting the materials together, I did not think the 4/4 curly maple was thick enough to get...
  6. Credenza

    This credenza was a bit of a design experiment for me. I wanted to try a piece with external structural elements that framed the carcass. I also tried to bring in some oriental design elements. It's made from walnut, figured cherry and maple with ebony handles and plugs. The exterior is...
  7. Unique Hall Table

    This table was inspired by the great piece of Walnut used for the top. It has tremendous character, including numerous cracks for which I made butterflies. The front apron is curved and a bookmatch from another great piece of walnut with a array of colors. The lighter color is tiger maple...
  8. Star Ornaments

    These are a few star ornaments I cut on my scroll saw. The one with red is hand painted, while the entirely white one is spray painted.
  9. Maple and Black Walnut Bowl

    Well I know not another bowl lol but this is the first where I actually took pictures during the process. It is made of Maple with a Black Walnut rim actually just 2 pieces of different thickness i thought would compliment each other. I learned another valuable tool here "PATIENCE". I had a...
  10. More Screwdrivers

    More Screwdrivers. Unable to repair the broken mahogany screwdriver I made last Dec., I was able to salvage all the metal components and refabricate a new screwdriver (three actually). One out of maple (from the neighbors Civil-war era Maple), and two out of cherry, (right off the firewood...
  11. Sketchup Thorsen for you guys

    I decided to use the drawings included in the Thorsen plan to make a sketchup drawing as close to the original as possible. I don't know if everything is completely accurate, but it's pretty frickin' close, that's for sure. As you'll see, I also made one that is translucent and shows the tenons...
  12. Library Table

    I made this in 2001 per plans purchased from The New Yankee Workshop. It was made from Cherry purchased from a local farmer from Utica, Ohio. The boards all came from the same tree and it was finished with Tung Oil (several coats I recall). The legs are tappered on the interior sides down to...
  13. Observation Bee Hive

    My nephew is a member of a local beekeepers association and he came and asked me to build a observation bee hive for the group. It is designed where the beekeeper can pull frames from their active hives and put them on display at various events. It was a challenging build in that everything had...
  14. Travel Tic-Tac-Toe Game

    I just realized that I have mentioned that one of my patterns was features on Steve Good's blog, but that I never actually posted it as a project. Well here it is :) This simple tic-tac-toe game is 5 1/2" x 5 3/4", 3/4" thick (with the lid on), and features a simple sliding dovetail lid. The...
  15. Of Kings & Queens

    Built before announcement of challenge09 but made totally of scraps. Thanks to Gary K for the Insight on how to put Fabric on Posterboard then to Wood. Made of Walnut(leftover from End Table I Made), QS Sycamore?(Pallet), Cherry?(Pallet). Finished with Tung Oil & Clear Laquer. Held together with...
  16. Cyclone Seperator

    I do not remember where this plan came from but it works very well Excuse the oversized lid on top I had a bigger plastic can but when I upgraded my collector the can split [ UPDATE ] ** I have now converted over to the Thien design
  17. Super Cross Cut Table Saw Sled

    I just built a new cross cut sled for my table saw, I had an old one but it was not as accurate as I need to build the jewelry chess. This time I used ½" Baltic plywood for the base with Maple for the front and rear fence. I went with 1/2 inch plywood so I wouldn't lose very much blade height...
  18. 1931 Cad Roadster

    This is T&J project. The walnut body was made from cabinet faces found at Habitat for Humanity thrift store. Light wood is stuff I found around the shop.
  19. Grandson's Desk

    Grandson needed a nice desk for his computer and home work. We made it together. Solid Oak - Here it is.
  20. Laser Cut Center Finder Jig from MDF

    I made this drawing and jig to avoid a 20-mile drive in the rain to WoodCraft. I guess I saved a few bucks, since I have easy access to a Laser Engraver. Check out the details at
41-60 of 500 Results