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  1. Wine / Wedding Box

    Had a board of sapele with sapwood on edge… used it. continuous grain around box, the hearts are red grandis
  2. Saw Stop Cabinet

    I have a small shop, and needed more space for storage… never ending battle eh? The legs and space under the side wing of the saw stop was open territory, plus the legs on the PCS are horrible if you try to move the saw. I looked this site over, pinterest, google images and came up with this...
  3. Sofa computer table

    Because of my bad back, I have hard time sitting on chair. Made a small table which is going to be used exclusively for sofa. Table top and legs are sculptured. I didn't use template so the table is not symmetrical. Top is about 28" high, so it's best if used while sitting on sofa. I remember...
  4. Easter bunny

    This is an Easter bunny with basket of candy. Carved from basswood and 4 inches tall. Claude
  5. Spalted Brazilian Walnut and Tasmanian Blackwood Box

    The dimensions of the box are a) Internal: 220mm x 320mm b) External: 252mm x 352 mm. The box is designed to accommodate A4 paper, or to be set up as a Jewelry or desk box. The sides are Spalted Brazilian Walnut (AKA Ipe) and the base is Tasmanian Blackwood. The sides were thicknessed to 16...
  6. Pine Entertainment Center

    Last year I got tired of having my plasma sitting precariously on a stool and my A/V equipment stacked on the floor. This was my own design built from clear pine from Home Depot. I built this using only a circular saw, a router, a hand saw, and a few sanders, and I built it (unwisely) on the...
  7. Turned Table Tops

    The wife of an acquaintance of mine found a beautiful small wrought-iron two-level table frame. Lovely, simple, and elegant. Ideal for a sun room or a porch, a perfect perch for a Christmas cactus or a vase or some kind of porcelain Foofery. You know, like that. Problem was, it came with a...
  8. Burl Driftwood Clock

    I found this piece of burl on the beach. I figured it would make a cool project. I sliced the front off 1/8" at a time until I was satisfied with the pattern. Next, I sliced off about 3/4" behind the "face". Then I notched out the back of the face for the clock workings. I shaved off a bit...
  9. Mini Cutting Board

    This was a project I did by hand with a sanding block last night from pen blanks. I'm learning about cutting boards at the moment, so I started with a small onion or tomato cutting board. The last picture is before oiling. You can view my step-by-step on this from start to finish at...
  10. spalted maple

    spalted maple bowl
  11. Miter Cuts Helping Hand

    This is for all those of you, like me sat around scratching thier heads trying to figure out why miter cuts just wouldnt line up. You set the blade to 45 degrees, you make the cut, you align the box, glue and another wasted effort. At least that was my experience. I read several posts on all...
  12. Walnut box with Metal Handle

    Walnut box with maple lid and splines. The handle is made with mahogany and metal handle. The handle was made by a talented metal working friend of mine and I think it turned out quite nice. This was my first time working with walnut and I thought it quite nice to work with and I really like how...
  13. quick book case

    I needed to make yet another bookcase and so this time I wanted to try a few things different. Iron on edging, Birch Veneered ply, and little glue on detail pieces. The feet are circle cut pine, and the back oak ply.
  14. "Ars Mathematica" (It's a chair, but it means "Art & Math"

    I've been quiet for a while. I hate switching my computer on. It disturbs my tranquility. But! To the chair. I wanted to make a very rigid-looking piece. Almost militaristic. Martial. No softness. I started with a beech plank. There was some nice quarter-sawn grain revealed on cutting it up...
  15. Walnut Bangle Bracelet

    A few days ago my wife asked if I could make a "chunky" bracelet and showed me one of her plastic ones. What would any of us do except to say "YOU BET" and run out to the shop and then try to figure it out - I mean she just gave me a great excuse to spend a few more hours playing with walnut...

  17. Ingrown Bark

    This piece is made from solid cherry top and bottom with ingrown hard maple bark.
  18. Some my recent work

    Most of my work are Hope Chests, Cedar Chests and Memorial Boxes. I also do special projects and restorations. The Corner Display Case/with three glass shelves was for a local funeral home.
  19. Handmade Joint Tea Tabletop (Shoulder Mitered Tenon)

    Working Process on my Youtube"hansjoinery" Subscribe would be my pleasure! Part1 Eastern Table board Part2 Shoulder Mitered Tenon Part3 finish
  20. Mission style bookrack

    This Mission style bookrack was featured on the cover of a recent woodworking magazine and I decided it was just the right small project to expirement with some of the finishing techniques I'd been reading about. It's made of red oak (admittedly not as authentiquely Mission as I could have been)...
21-40 of 500 Results