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  1. Last minute easy gift: Step Stools

    I build a lot of step stools benches, stools, and shelves are easy builds and great gifts for the family. These take about 3 hours each to make after the wood is milled and ripped. I have one in the garage, and one in the house. I've found that freinds with high sitting pick up trucks really...
  2. Bandsaw box

    A couple years ago my in-laws in Maryland had a very large Linden tree come down. When we were down there for Christmas I brought back a number of log sections and they've been sitting in my workshop ever since, waiting for me to come up with something to do with them. I finally decided to saw...
  3. Jus' Playin'

    Father's Day settin on the front porch carving…
  4. Cub Scout Pinewood Derby Cars (2006 - 2010)

    This was a fun part of Cub Scouts. During Brendan's years he won 4th place in his tiger den, 4th place in his wolf den, 1st place (2nd in pack) in bears, and grand champion for webelos I and webelos II. Brendan's involvement in building the cars increased over the years. There's only so much...
  5. Cutting boards

    Smaller one is maple, cherry, and padauk. Bigger one is walnut, maple, cherry, and padauk. Both finished with mineral oil and beeswax.
  6. Kokeshi Doll Salt & Pepper Grinders

    These stylized salt & pepper grinders were made for a relative that decorates in the Japanese style & has a sizable Kokeshi Doll Collection. The bodies of the grinders are just simple straight tubes. The head & shoulder turnings make the grinders knobs. I chose to make them of mahogany, a wood...
  7. Adulterated Federalist Table

    I've borrowed from various periods in designing this table, incorporating basicaly all the shapes my mind is comfortable with. So there is no true point of origin. I think it may tend to reflect some of the intricacies I've noticed in Federalist style furniture, hence the naming of it...
  8. Locking (liquor) jelly cabinet

    I rent my summer cabin 4 weeks a yr, so I wanted a way to not box up the liquor & drag it to basement every year. My table is oak & I had 750' of pretty Peruvian walnut flooring strips I paid for but never used. So I found a plan for jelly cabinet & modified it. I wanted the door to fit in a...
  9. Veneer class project

    8 piece match veneer project for class at Palomar college. It is amazing the designs that some figured wood can produce. My first piece to be sold at a fund raising auction.
  10. Reclaimed Old Growth 2x4 & Copper Pipe Waterfall Table

    My take on the classic waterfall table is made from reclaimed, old growth 2×4s (from Rebuilding Exchange in Chicago) and from commercial grade copper pipe. The 2×4s used in the table are probably more than 100 years old (as are a few of the nails that are still embedded). This piece functions as...
  11. Side table with drawer

    My first attempt to take my wife's request and make it a reality. I stained it with a dark cherry stain.
  12. Wood Shop Cart recycled, Project #2

    A year ago I built a large A frame wood cart for my garage shop. It just took up too much room, so I totally dismantled it last week and put all my lumber on the wall on brackets. I had a bunch of 3/4 baltic birch plywood from the cart, so I decided to do two projects. This is #2, a folding...
  13. Walnut Stool with inlaid Longhorn

    Hello fellow lumberjocks. This is another walnut stool I just completed. The longhorn is curly maple, and the tenon wedges are hard maple. Enjoy.
  14. Mahogany roof deck and privacy screen

    This was an interesting build. My client had already purchased the screens, which are thin sheet steel, laser cut, 6' x 3'. My task was to design a roof deck and privacy wall using those screens. One early challenge was that the back corner of the existing fence is not 90°. We wanted to give...
  15. Boxes, candel holders, and picture frame for Christmas

    We are having our Christmas this weekend so that everyone can be there. 1st box is a mitered box with my first attempt at wrapping the grain around. I am pleased with how it turned out. Base and lid are walnut. The remaining is pecan wood. Not a bad combo if I do say so myself. 2nd box is a...
  16. My Guitar Stand

    This my guitar stand I made from walnut. I start my design in the computer. I use AutoCad and I draw it in solid modeling mode. Once I have the design, I print it in 2D image at full scale. Then I spray the back of the print with an tempory adhesive and lay it on wood. I use the print to cut it...
  17. Cage 'n' A Cage

    It's not a spoon but I thought I'd add this just for fun. I'd seen ball in a cage pieces many times but I wanted to make something just a little different than the run of the mill whittlin'. Hope you enjoy it.
  18. 1/4 Cut Walnut Vanity

    1/4 cut walnut veneer, grain matched doors and drawer fronts, white laminate with a solid walnut frame top, brushed nickel pulls and a clear lacquer finish.
  19. Christmas Show update : Bandsaw box

    So here's this week's update for the woodworking show I am doing in Virgina: My crafts will be featured at the 2010 Winter crafts show at Wakefield Park on Saturday, December 4th (9AM-4PM) and Sunday, December 5th (10AM-3:30PM). The address is: Audrey Moore RECenter, Wakefield Park, 8100...
  20. Wine / Wedding Box

    Had a board of sapele with sapwood on edge… used it. continuous grain around box, the hearts are red grandis
1-20 of 500 Results