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  1. Wedding Heart Plaque

    Made this for a friend/customer to give as a gift for her daughters wedding. Pattern from Sue Mey, Scroll Saw Artist, Wedding Heart #2. Great pattern, great service, great website with a huge selection. I cut it on my RBI Hawk and Excalibur scroll saws using #7, #5, and #2 blades. Made from...
  2. Step stools

    Hey all. Here is another little project that I completed recently. A woman I work with asked for a couple of step stools for her girls. They come in handy for brushing teeth, washing hands, helping mom in the kitchen ect. I wanted to make them unique and interesting, yet at the same time sturdy...
  3. Heart shaped box

    I built this jewelry box for my wife in 2010. It was my first and only bandsaw box that I've made. It is made from a piece of curly maple. I used General finishes cinnamon die stain.
  4. My first time using a bandsaw. yay

    This was my firs time ever using a band saw. I plan to take this pattern and make a bandsaw box like it.
  5. Purpleheart Speaker

    Second attempt at a speaker. The top and bottom are purpleheart and the middle is from an oak stair tread.
  6. Aftermarket blade guard for my tablesaw

    I bought this old saw used and refurbished it. Had no guard, and I can't even figure out a model number or find any spare parts. So the over-arm seems like the only solution. For a light-duty user like me, this unit from PSI seems pretty nifty. It adjusts every direction you can think of, and...
  7. Mother's Day Wall Hanging

    Fun project that my daughter made for Mom this Mother's Day. Heart and Mom was scrolled from Tigerwood and attached to Poplar and then subset into the oak plaque. Should have taken more pics in the process but kind of just got into it start to finish. Mom was pleased and had some good father...
  8. First Bandsaw Box

    Made this for a birthday gift, used Redwood with Golden Pecan stain and brushed on Spar varnish. I made the heart w/arrow template in Microsoft Word. I learned some things while cutting out this first one, but I think it will still be appreciated.
  9. Cottage Style Screen Door

    My wife wanted a new screen door that was whimsical and would fit our 40's style cottage home. Here is was I came up with. We are going to paint it bright red.
  10. Heart Dovetail Fan

    With the workshop mostly built, I'm finally getting to catch up on some of the half-finished projects that have been knocking around during that time. We live in a fairly temperate climate. We run the heater a little during the winter, and though we have a window air conditioner stored in the...
  11. Wedding Heart

    Thanks to word of mouth of two previous projects like this I've done, this one I wanted to add a little more to the design… So I decided to give it a much more unique wood scheme with Brazilian Tigerwood sandwiching a piece of pine. I love how the tigerwood shines in the light, and it was...
  12. Valentine's Heart

    Ok… it's a little late getting the pictures posted. This was a Valentine's Day heart gift I made for my girlfriend. Unlike the pictures, it was actually ready for our Valentines…. well, the weekend after, given that we postponed the actual event due to an illness. Red Oak, Maple, Mahogany...
  13. Joining the LVDT Club

    After years of woodworking and viewing hundreds of other LJ's cutting boards on this site, I finally jumped into the LVDT club with a pair of boards. The boards were a good way to use up some pieces of scrap I've been hanging onto for quite some time now. I find it extremely hard to throw out...
  14. Heart Pendant in Boxwood

    This little piece is in Box with a lovely dark streak running down to the tip.
  15. Heart For My Beautiful Wife

    I have wanted to try out the multiple dyeing process that Trifern had shared. I purchased a highly figured piece of Curly Maple from my local supplier and tried my hand at sculpting. I was pleasantly pleased with the process. I used a Holy Galahad followed by rough to fine grit on a ROS. The...
  16. Grinder Storage Station

    Made of plywood, SYP drawers and top, and iron on edge banding. Had the paint matched to my lathe at the BORG. Drawers are sliding dovetail. Poly finish on wood. Features: Double locking casters Same height as table saw for stock support Grinder is attached with T-NUTs in the top...
  17. Memento heart

    Haven't posted in a while, so I thought I would share this small project I did a while ago. The heart is Sapele and I don't remember what the inlay is. First time doing an inlay and I just kind of winged it, I'm sure you can tell!
  18. Valentine's Ammo Box

    Sometimes your significant other wants more the chocolate. The heart ammo box was built from bloodwood with cutouts for 60 spaced bullets along the inside. I used graph paper and Tinkercad to make the pattern and plan the spacing of the bullets and refine the shape. Once that was complete, I...
  19. Valentines Heart Box

    Made this Valentines Heart Box with Heart shaped Tenons. Tenons were cut on the Shaper Origin CNC Router. The project is posted on the Shaper Hub. I modified the design slightly to add more details. Box is made of Cherry and Paduk 5"x5"x.5" thick This was a really fun project it took about...
  20. Purple Hart clock with oak wood trim

    This is a purple heart wood clock with white oak trim, with a glass panel and a brass pendulum in side, the back is oak paneled plywood, and the coat is an oil based poly, the clock face is laser etched.
41-60 of 210 Results