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  1. Reclaimed Heart Pine Coffee and Light Tables

    Here is a coffee table with matching light tables that I built from 100+ year old heart pine. Mortise and tenon joinery was used with cherry dowel pins. This is the same project shown previously in my blog. Finish is two coats tung oil topped off with wipe on poly. I used walnut dowel pins...
  2. Barn Wood End Table

    I luckily stumbled across an add for barn wood on craigslist. This barn had fallen in Southern Illinois in a storm and the guy was selling mostly its oak framing pieces. The pickings were slim when I got there, and I mostly wanted the old faded red roof boards. He let me take all I could haul...
  3. mini cutting board blow out

    well i dont know what to call these, i made them to be trivets, but they can also be mini cheese boards or you could cut bread. i made these for the women in my church, there is 28 of them and there made from walnut, oak, red cedar, antique southern yellow heart pine and some pecan, i set my...
  4. Heart Pine T-Rex

    I'm not sure why i find these so fun and satisfying to make….But i do! Maybe its the satisfaction of knowing this would have been used in my fireplace had i not done something with it. Or perhaps its just the joy of making so dang much sawdust fly in a short time! Thanks for looking.
  5. Farm Table (Proud, but disappointed)

    This was my first attempt at a table, and it included many firsts (mortice & tennon, ripping boards, etc.). I learned sooo much from it, and it took a pretty good while. It all started with my wife wanting a farm table. I talked her into letting me give it a try. Soon, it became a special...
  6. natural edge root ball

    This is a bowl I turned last year, made from the root ball of an unknown species. .. sorry for the poor picture quality
  7. Drill Press Cabinet

    Another chapter in the never ending story of the search for more shop storage. 3/4-inch plywood case and drawers, cherry drawer fronts, and an old re-purposed shelf for a top.
  8. Shaker/Miles125 Inspired Shelves

    When I saw the wonderful boxes Miles125 made as Christmas gifts that were contructed of walnut and heart pine, I knew I had to give that combination a whirl. So, here's what I came up with. I think the walnut and pine compliment each other wonderfully. This is a slight variation on the shaker...
  9. Massive Farm Table

    This is a recently delivered client project. It is 42×96 and the entire table is made from antique reclaimed heart pine. The top is 4" thick and made from 8 cut down barn beams. I'm guessing the table weighs about 500-600 lbs. The only glue used was in the stretcher that was made using...
  10. bird feeder

    this is a bird feeder i have made for some friends, they asked for one and so being in between projects i wanted to do this for them..the feeder is made from walnut, oak, and a couple of red cedar appliques…which are the bee hive that denotes industry, which birds are always so busy and either...
  11. chess for my doctor

    i have bad back problems and have had my pain managment dr for about 8 years, and wanted to make him a gift, he loved it and i know it will be enjoyed with his family.
  12. toy boat

    my nephew had his first baby boy, born on my birthday, so i wanted to make him a nice gift, so the land boat was created…..i found a new joy in making toys…i think santa has a great job…...grizzman
  13. Cow Skull

    Made this fellow out of a chunk of heart pine. Some band sawing followed by freehand carving with my formica router and dremel tool. This recession finally forced me to ditch my internet connection, so i can't check in as often as i like. Sure do miss my lumberjocks!
  14. Shoe Dresser

    I made this shoe dresser from Heart Pine, Spalted Poplar and Walnut butterflies. I also made a video on the process: The Shoe Dresser - A Project from Neglected Stock
  15. Dragonfly

    My version of a dragonfly made from heart pine and hardware cloth. The pattern on his wings is from yellow and red telephone wire i salvaged and wove into the wire cloth. It's approx 24" long and 38" wingspan. PS: The wind machine in the background is one of many i've made from crazy found...
  16. Chair Rescue

    I found this chair on its death bed. There was just something about it that told me to take it in and nurse it back to health. Some new long leaf heart pine parts and a good sanding down and repainting of the metal made her good as new. She is amazingly comfortable too.
  17. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    While rummaging around the various classified ad postings, I saw something I just had to have: Yes, a Stanley Bedrock #607!! I've been wanting one of these 22" planes for a long time. $50 later, it came home with me. Now, the Evaporust bath, some sharpening and tuning up, and it will be...
  18. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    need to know: 1. Dose Leecraft make in ZCI for this saw? 2. Can some one tell me who makes a after market guard for this saw? 3. What sort of aftermarket splitters are available for this saw? Thanks. also need an 8" dado set that will be used every day. and the set need to make the cleanest...
  19. Woodworking Skill Share
    Well I've moved (up, down, over or on) from some Shaker style outside benches, some finished with polyurethane "spar" varnish and later models with Waterlox tung oil spar varnish, to messing around with the "cedars" (Northern White and Western Red, really cypresses, and Aromatic Red, really...
  20. Wood & Lumber
    Hello folks, I recently recieved a coupla boards from a friends mothers estate and am wondering if it is heart pine. The house they came from is around 100 years old. Sorry, I don't have any pics of it right now, but I'll try to post some on this thread soon. What are some characteristics I...
21-40 of 44 Results