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  1. Lazy Heart Jewelry Boxes

    I made these little heart shaped boxes for my wife, daughters and friends who just visited… I started out wanting to experiment a bit with a little box design that would be quicker than a bandsaw box but still nice. This was needed so I could produce 5 boxes fast… pretty simple…cut out the...
  2. New Heart Box for Valentine's Day

    Heart Jewelry Box, hand made from cherry and walnut with hand carved basswood hearts. Box measures 6 1/4" by 4 1/2" and is about 1 1/4" deep, lined in green felt. Cherry has so many variations to the wood from light to very dark. This cherry is about in the middle color range of what I have used.
  3. Bandsaw box

    I Didn't know what to make today so I just started cutting out what ever came to mind and ended up with this corny looking box. The wife liked it so I guess it was worth spending the time on it! It's made of Cedar and maple. Reminds me of a whisky barrel LOL!!!
  4. Heart Box

    I had a request for a small box to keep mementos of a lost loved pet. I'm not an experienced box maker by any means and I wanted something special but did not have a lot to go on. I spent three days thinking on it and came up with this concept, design. Applying the concept was a real challenge...
  5. Two drawer Spalted Heartberry heart box

    This is a design I came up with, I optioned out the center devider as the drawers are held in place at the top and bottom, it has two large drawers with two hidden drawers, one in each drawer, I made this box out of spalted hackberry, measurements are 6" H x 7" W x 3" D. I am in the works of...
  6. Keepsake Heart Box for a little 5 year old young lady

    I was helping a neighbor with a project that she was working on and she had her little 5 year old daughter with her. On my bench I had some small pieces of walnut that I used to cut some hearts out of for inlays that I needed for a box I was making. I was just throwing these pieces out thinking...

    Made this little heart box for the love of my life for Valentine Day. I made it on the bandsaw, I can't remeber where I got the plans from. The top pivots on a small dowel. I used multiple coats of Tung Oil for the finish.
  8. Hillbilly Aims for the Heart

    The creative seed for this project was planted by LJ Todd2010's post entitled My first bandsaw box (c.f., ). I commented that I thought my wife would like one and although I'd never made a bandsaw box, I'd try it for a Christmas present. Well, I tried it...
  9. band saw heart box

    first time making a band saw box. made it out of poplar. I made it for my girlfriend. I used flocking to line the drawers.
  10. Heart Shaped Bandsaw Box

    This is my first attempt at a bandsaw box. A gift I made my wife for Christmas. Its mahogany with a maple stripe. Its about 6 inches square. This was a process to make for sure, the amount of sanding done for such a small piece was ridiculous, but the end result was worth it. I welcome any...
  11. Another Heart-shaped Box

    Here is a simple, but fun bandsawn box that I made for my wife, for Valentine's Day. It's made out of red oak and finished with amber shellac. Took me long enough to get around to posting it!
  12. A box for my Sweetheart !!

    It's a little early for Sweethearts Day, but everyday is Sweethearts Day at our house. Maybe I can even S-t-r-e-t-c-h this one out to be her anniversary gift, 57 years at the end of March, but that may be stretching things a little to far. LOL...
  13. Another Valentine's Day Box

    With Valentine's Day coming up, there was a lot of interest in the last box I posted so I thought I add another. This one is quite simple. Bloodwood and walnut about 5" across. For a pattern I used a chocolate heart I'd bought for my wife. I put a rabbet on the inside of the lid to keep it...
  14. walnut heart box

    I made this box for a customer who wanted a heart shaped box for a project he was working on. I didn't want to make it solid because it would have been a lot of waste. So I made a form from 1/4" plywood, in the shape of half a heart, then traced it onto 8/4 walnut. I cut it with my bandsaw and...
  15. Heart Boxes

    With Valentines Day sneakin up on us, this/these were inspired by Scott Phillips from The American Woodshop. One is Bicote & Walnut, the other is Redheart & Oak. The smaller ones, the cut-outs, are just Walnut and Oak. The Redheart and Oak box has a 1/16" Oak slice running through it. I really...
  16. Valentine Box

    This is the first serious scroll saw project since I got my Dewalt 788 Scroll saw. It is a Valentine Box for my wife. I put the dark heart on the lid to have a shadow effect. It is unfinished because she is the finisher so she will have to finish it to her satisfaction. Funny thing...
  17. Heart Box

    Eager to test my shop made pin router jig. The heart box consists of 5 layers of 1/2 in. board. The middle parts of the three inner layers only were routed open. The bottom and the three inner layers were glued together. The cover was left free. After a little sanding … voila! ... the heart box.
  18. Heart Shaped Band Saw Box

    Once again using the wood my friend was going to throw away I made these heart shaped box's, as per requested by my wife, for a gift to our niece's.
  19. Sweating for Bucks Through Woodworking
    Hello everybody! I decided to register and ask this question here, because to be honest I've been lurking here for a bit and it looks like the best place where I'll get valuable answers. To make this story simple, I need to sell some tables. But they are not an ordinary tables, let me give you...
  20. Blogs
    I finally decided to enter! I wasn't planning on entering, but yesterday the bug bit me. I usually like to use the material I have on hand, & I couldn't find a 2×4, so I decided to make a box. I drew up a pattern of what I wanted to make, & proceeded on my adventure. That's all I'm going to...
1-20 of 21 Results