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  1. Headphone/Device Cord Wrap

    I was tired of my headphones getting tangled up. I thought about a few designs but came up with a double clothespin to keep them organized. They can also be used to wrap the power cord for cell phones/tablets. The first set I made were out of ash, but I plan to make some out of cherry and...
  2. Headphones Stand

    This is one of my first steps into woodworking. I made this headphones holder as a step on my gaming setup build. Its all made of reclaimed wood and hold together using joinery. You can see the full video of me building them in my youtube woodworking channel Im portuguese so the video is in...
  3. Headphone stand

    Made myself a stand for my Turtle Beach headphones over the weekend. The base is African sapele that I beveled on the router, then coated in a clear spray lacquer. It's amazing how iridescent that wood is. The top parts are made from poplar dowels (1 3/8" and 3/8") and sprayed with black lacquer.
  4. Bastard headphones

    My first Headphones as I want. Material ash and walnut. :-) step by step video
  5. Spalted white oak Bowls

    These came from another log behind my house. I made these a couple years ago as the first projects with my new lathe. Of course since I bought the lathe I didn't have money for wood so I cut a couple hunks off the log. Here is what I was pleasantly surprised with. Beautiful grain. well I went...
  6. Safety in the Woodworking Shop
    This is an unsponsored product review that I made for my shop headphones that I use for hearing protection while woodworking. ""
  7. Safety in the Woodworking Shop
    I have been reading reviews for the Ryobi Battery Operated Noise Suppression Headphones. I'm getting mixed reviews. So, I thought I would ask. How are they and what do you think about them? Do they work good with your Ipod? I need feedback. Thanks in advance.
1-7 of 7 Results