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  1. Outdoor Cypress Gate

    Here is my most recent project. It is a solid cypress gate made out of 8/4 cypress and 3/4 tongue and groove cypress for the panel finished with a solid stain. We modified the original design to incorporate the previous gate's materials which are the cedar caps for the door and jamb which are...
  2. Screen Door - Mortised hinges, haunched M&T joints

    Taking the show on the road. Most of this door was made in the shop, but it took several hours on site to demo the old door, to mortise for the hinges, install jambs, install door stops, and paint touch ups. I work slow, and it takes me a lot of time to get it plumb, level, square, and tight...
  3. Blogs
    I've got a haunch about these tenons..... This is a recent blog post I did covering the haunched tenons for the cabinet doors for a six-leg sideboard I am building. This is actually episode 9 of probably about a dozen, but this one stands well on its own since it covers a common joint for...
1-3 of 3 Results