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  1. Projects Granadillo Platter

    This is a 10x1” plate made from Central American Granadilla wood. The plate has 3 areas that look like someone fix a bad area in the wood with a patch, similar to how plywood has those patches that look like “eyes” on the bad side of plywood sheet.
  2. 45mm End Grain Chopping Board / Butchers Block Exotic Hardwoods

    This board has been carefully hand-crafted using reclaimed and locally sourced Walnut, Ash, Beech and Sapele. It is made with waterproof, food safe glue and is a minimum of 45mm thick to provide strength and durability for everyday use. It is finished with a mixture of food grade mineral oil and...
  3. 55mm End Grain Chopping Board / Butchers Block Exotic Hard woods

    This board has been carefully hand-crafted using reclaimed and locally sourced Ash, Beech and Sapele. It is made with waterproof, food safe glue and is a minimum of 55mm thick to provide strength and durability for everyday use. It is finished with a mixture of food grade mineral oil and natural...
  4. NYC Hudson Street

    Look at how beautiful this came out. Located on Hudson Street, NY, NY. on TOP of a building!!
  5. Rounded Box

    Box was modeled after a Pinterest post. I'll try to find to give proper credit. This piece is constructed with various hardwoods from my cutoff treasure pile:maple, walnut, cherry. All rounded surfaces were hand planed. A first for me! A little Danish Oil to finish gave it a nice warm presence.
  6. madrone burl "steamed"

    these are all from the same slab of wood. the red tone to wood is caused by steaming burl under pressure. they were air dried. i was satisfied with the outcome. take care and fun times in shop, manzanitaman.
  7. War Horse Board

    This is a custom board that I did for a client. He sent me an email stating he would like a Patch of his put on a board. After a bunch of research I decided to go the route of Epoxy and colored sand. This was the first Time I have done something like this. The process is a tad more time...
  8. Colorful Culinary

    I made a 16" Cutting Board this morning. I used Shedua, Hard Maple, and Yellowheart.
  9. The 'Tree' Birdhouse by Kilowatt Studio

    "Tree - Inspired by the ubiquitous condos of my adopted city and it's lush surroundings, Tree is the ideal perch for the urban bird. Individually hand crafted in Canada from steel and an assortment of reclaimed hardwoods." The stump doesn't come with the birdhouse when I sell it at retail. The...
  10. Zippo Lighter Display

    My brother-in-law began to collect Zippo lighters with US Navy Ships on them many years ago when several members of my family were in the United States Navy, including his son. With not place to display the lighters few of them always managed to become lost or escape in the pocket of a guest...
  11. curly maple cutting board

    messed up with argyle board had to sand to much and it got too thin. so I glued the maple and argyle together.
  12. Planter Bench

    Sorry I don't have any during pictures. I was pressed for time. We are moving to Great Falls, MT soon. This was actually one of the hardest projects I've built, I had to follow directions in U-BILD Planter Bench Plan No. 878. But I used treated pine from left over fencing. The top and...
  13. Mom's Birthday Church Pew

    My mom has been searching for a church pew for a long time for her basement entryway. After hearing about it over and over I decided to just make her one out of some walnut and cherry that I picked up at an auction a few months ago. Still needs a couple more coats of linseed oil.
  14. Drill Press cabinet "not pretty"

    I found myself needing a spindle sander and didn't have one, so I made one. Basically I made a box, put the bolts on the bottom through it and held it onto the drill press base with knobs I had made and threaded onto the bolts. I also added a 2" dust collection port to the back. The hole is big...
  15. Custom Large Mens Cane #36: Lychee & Marblewood

    This cane was made for a fellow who is a wood scientist. A wood scientist is a very serious person when it comes to identifying wood. You do not want to loosely name a species of wood around a wood scientist. He needed a cane that was extremely sturdy and has a large handle. I used Lychee...
  16. This Old Crack House Kitchen (final pictures)

    Main Kitchen ( the first of three kitchens) The main kitchen is spacious, open and vibrant. The kitchen is open to the formal dining room and is a joy to entertain guests. This 16×18 foot kitchen with nine foot ceilings is the main and first of three kitchens that is part of what makes up this...
  17. Dining table and chairs

    Here is the latest project. Dining table with 4 chairs and a bench. The base of the table and bench are solid maple and the tops are cherry. The cherry has been sprayed with a chemcraft plastofix clear lacquer and the base has been sprayed with a chemcraft danspeed cream lacquer. The chairs...
  18. Timber Pavillion

    Built at our shop and assembled on site. Hope you like it!!
  19. Samples of work for an upcoming show

    Haven't posted in a long time. Here are some samples of boxes I have been making for an art show in a week or so. They vary in size from 8×4 x 1.5 to 2×2. 1.5. Lids are gradually built up from smaller components. Sometimes sawing curves on bandsaw and gluing in veneer curves or dowel plugs for...
  20. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I am new to woodworking and I have slowly been acquiring the needed tools. Next on my list is a band saw. I am a fan of older American tools if I can find them. I purchased a vintage Craftsman 10" table saw, a Rockwell 6" jointer, and a Delta drill press. I have read good reviews on the older...
1-20 of 44 Results